The Contactlab Marketing Cloud in the Microsoft AppSource

AppSource Microsoft


A few months ago, we announced the news that One was among the clienteling applications available for Azure on the Microsoft portal.

Now, it is time to let you know that the Contactlab Marketing Cloud is also available in the Microsoft AppSource.

By selecting the Marketing, Sales and Customer Service categories, you will find the Contactlab platform among the available apps… The customer engagement solution that helps you to convert contacts into valuable customers, and build, maintain and increase interactions, while reducing churn rate consistently over time.

Because of the ability to create individual communication plans that are personally tailored in terms of content, messages, timing and contact channels, you can establish solid and lasting relationships with your customers, based on an in-depth knowledge of their preferences, habits, and behavioral forecasts in the future.

Contact an expert at Microsoft or Contactlab today, and immediately find out all the details. You’ll see for yourself why the result of combining the two technologies is much, much more than just the sum!


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Do you want to realize the full value of what you already know from your contacts’ profiles? Create Aggregate nodes

What exactly does this mean? Let’s look at an example…

Aggregated nodeYou have a new children’s range, which you want to promote through both retail and e-commerce channels. However, you have different teams autonomously managing each one, with all the data collected in separate nodes. But you really need this information aggregated in one place, to have a comprehensive overview that facilitates successful, unified and coordinated promotional activities.

Of course, you could create separate campaigns for the contacts in each node. But it would be far better to use the strengths of an aggregate node, to bring together all the available data in one place and unite the separate customer profiles.


Then you could use the new node with all the Marketing Cloud features to create an individually tailored, precisely timed and effectively targeted campaign that:

  • Reacts to every individual contact’s preferences, actions and responses.
  • Minimizes message duplication.
    By combining otherwise separate campaigns, and concurrently managing and communicating with both channels.
  • Makes information contained in one node available to everyone, increasing targeting effectiveness across the channels.
    For example, imagine the details you have in the retail node show that someone doesn’t have children, but this small detail is missing from your e-commerce data.


The Aggregate node

!!! Does your company have information stored in silos,  due to its organizational structure?

!!! Do you have difficulty integrating different databases and uniquely identifying who is who?

!!! Can’t you determine one key for all channels, to identify each individual contact?

We’ve thought about all of this with aggregate nodes, … let’s explore them together.

If you have already adopted the platform, you know and appreciate the many benefits that you can realize with Hub and the other modules in the Contactlab Marketing Cloud family. Now imagine elevating the success of your communication activities to an even higher level.

You may already have all your contact data from diverse sources well organized in a Hub workspace, according to how you do business – with, for example, retail and e-commerce nodes. And each node in turn contains the individual customer profiles – the available demographic and event data for each contact that has bought from you, shown an interest in your products, or even just subscribed to your newsletter.

But perhaps you have different teams managing the individual channels and nodes independently, in effect, as if each one is the only customer base you have. Maybe technical limitations prevent you from creating totally unified contact records.

Or it could be that the information required to successfully combine contact profiles has not always been available. For example, while the e-commerce node may include an email address for each contact, the retail node only has a few – a situation that has made it almost impossible so far, to have a single node with integrated customer data for multiple channels.

That is where the power, capabilities and flexibility of Hub aggregate nodes comes in. They provide:

  • A complete and comprehensive view of each customer in one place.
    Still individual profiles, but ones that bring together the data from two or more entry nodes, into readily accessible and understandable summaries.
  • Combined profiles that are constantly updated in real-time, with the latest customer data, events, purchases, subscriptions and consents.
  • The ability to combine apparently separate profiles using multiple field values.

And if, for whatever reason, it is not possible to completely unify all the data for certain individual customers right away, it will still be available in one place, ready to use now, and to be merged as the opportunity arises in the future.

The new Hub aggregate nodes – putting all the power and possibilities right at your fingertips.


Aggregated Node


Mix and match…

A simple matching policy is all that is needed to combine two or more entry nodes into one aggregate node. Your contacts’ individual properties – such as their email address and first name, or perhaps the first and last names, date of birth and postal code – which together determine if people in the different nodes are actually the same person… And if so, enable the separate profiles to be merged into an aggregated one.

But that is just the beginning…

Now think about how you could apply all that combined information – promote your retail stores to those who have exclusively bought online? Entice your subscriber-only contacts with a discount coupon to use on their first in-store purchase? Reward the loyalty of your best cross-channel customers with an invitation to a private preview?

Whatever your idea, Hub aggregate nodes enable more accurate deliveries in Send, even better segmentation in Plan, and enhanced personalization of automatic campaigns in Flow.

Now comes the best news of all… You just tell us your requirements, and we’ll configure the new aggregate nodes for you! Need some changes? We’ll do that too, leaving you free to focus on your strategies, plans and above all, results.

All we need to know is which of your entry nodes you want to aggregate, and the matching properties you want to use. That’s it.

To summarize…

With an aggregate node, not only can you avoid potential problems, you can also tailor your communications more precisely by using the combined information from two or more nodes, rather than relying on just one. And even if the profiles of some contacts cannot be merged at the moment because of missing data, they will still be included in the campaign, as appropriate.

Why not talk to our customer care about aggregate nodes today, and start to reap the full benefits of all your data combined in one place?

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Join us and take a spin with the new interface!

Password: Usability

Here it is… A quick preview of what the platform will be able to offer, thanks to the new interface:

  • A tailor-made workspace.
  • A fresh and modern design characterized by ease of use and intuitiveness.
  • Increased integration between the various features.
  • Better navigation between the platform modules.

Watch the video and discover a few of the many benefits that will be available to platform users, while they navigate around the Contactlab Marketing Cloud!




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Email Designer Series: Use the templates in your emails (4/4)


We’ve reached the last in this series of articles about the new Email Designer. Together, we have seen:

Now, you just need to use the resultant HTML for your emails. And you can do it without any limits! Email Designer is now available in Send for deliveries, Flow for automations and Plan for your plans. Of course, you can always retrieve the HTML you have created and saved with the editor, modify it as you wish, then send the result to your audience.

Don’t have access to Email Designer yet? Ask for it now and join us on this journey today.









Use it





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Email Designer Series: Personalize your emails with just a few clicks (3/4)



Create personalized emails without any HTML knowledge. You can decide whether to create your own template, modify one of those made available for free in the library, or rely on the creativity of Contactlab experts.

Whichever starting point you choose, your journey with Email Designer will be simple and fast, and the result will be attractive and effective email communications, like never before. Where to start? Let’s see together.

Don’t have access to Email Designer yet? Ask for it now.








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Use Email Designer templates in your automations – Flow Release v. 2.11.0

From July 11th, 2019, a new Flow version is available.
The release is planned between 10.30 am and 11.30 am CEST.


What does this release enable you to do?

There are two important new platform features that add value to the Contactlab marketing automation module.


You can now use Email Designer created HTML in Flow journeys


ED in FlowEmail Designer is the platform’s new drag & drop email editor, which enables you to create responsive design-based emails intuitively, quickly and easily, without any HTML knowledge. Thanks to this release, you can now use templates created with the new editor in your Flow journeys. When you configure a Send mail Action step, in addition to PageBuilder, you can select Email Designer as the template source. You can also see the preview in small, medium and large formats.



You can insert consecutive Check steps in your automations  Flow

Imagine you want to address customers who have not bought anything for a while, by sending them an email with a coupon. You also want to first check that the email has been opened, then whether the coupon has actually been used, before carrying out other actions according to each customer’s behavior.
This is a good example of an automation that needs consecutive Check steps. An open mail one, followed by the coupon use check.










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At Contactlab, the new star shines on and on… Platform innovations in the first six months of 2019

2019 has continued where 2018 left off, with Contactlab’s new and innovative Marketing Cloud. Now, we can say that without doubt, the highlight of the first half of this year has been the release of several new, powerful and feature-rich enhancements.  Below are just a few examples of what we mean – compelling and practical innovation that raises the platform to unprecedented levels. If you want to know more, then get in touch, right away!



A new UI for the Contactlab Marketing Cloud… The usability interface


A tailor-made workplace, which both integrates a wealth of platform features, and enables you to move from one module to another – while using the same view, company and node – with just a simple click in the sidebar. A modern UI that has been optimized for use on different devices, including tablets. Access and manage your user details, swap between modules and companies as required, read documentation… But most of all, experience a simple, quick, intuitive and immediate way to enjoy the Marketing Cloud platform.



Creating emails has become a breeze with Email Designer


Email Designer


The new Email Designer editor enhances the platform with an innovative way of creating effective emails more simply, intuitively and quickly. You can start from scratch or use one of the templates that are available in the Email Designer library. Freely access the new editor in Send, and immediately start creating responsive design-based emails, using all the simplicity that drag & drop puts in your hands.


It is no longer enough to just read data… You need to compare and correlate it. Analytics is the ace card that lets you see unexpected results


AnalyticsYou collect mountains of data about your contacts’ behavior and preferences every day, as their journeys lead them through all the channels they are connected to. The real challenge is not to miss any opportunity – collect, organize and manage data by all means – but above all, equip yourself with the tools that are capable of exploring it and revealing the true meaning. Don’t stop at just the first impressions. Compare and correlate your data in depth, and quickly discover new information and facts that couldn’t be seen before.


All-embracing personalization of the customer experience… Use all the available data to design multipath automations with


Marketing Automation

Being able to reach just the right contacts, on their preferred channels, at the most appropriate time, with the messages they are waiting for, is key to successful customer engagement activities. These are the unforgettable experiences that really make a difference to each customer’s relationship with a brand.

Flow marketing automation from Contactlab enables you to tailor personalized journeys for each individual contact, by using all your collected data to get to know and understand them better. And it’s not just email… You can reach the right audience, wherever they are, thanks to webhooks and SMS. SMS messages that can also be concatenated and sent in almost all modern languages.


Contactlab has been included in the first Gartner Customer Data Platform Market Guide 


GartnerGartner has published their first Market Guide for Customer Data Platforms for Marketing, and Contactlab has been named among the Representative Vendors globally, as a technology that enables brands to integrate contact data, collected from different sources, into individual profiles. Both personal and behavioral data is combined in one point, then made available again to the various distributed systems – continuously enriched, updated and immediately ready to use.


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Email Designer Series: Together, towards a new way of creating email (2/4)


Start from scratch or begin with one of the templates that we provide for you, in the Email Designer repositories – what really matters, is that you can use this powerful editor to easily create emails even more intuitively and speedily.

Ask our Customer Service to activate it, if you have not already done so. In less than a blink of an eye and completely free of charge, you too can access the editor and immediately start creating responsive design-based emails, using all the simplicity that drag & drop puts in your hands.

To accompany you in your journey with Email Designer, we will give you some interesting  and useful suggestions – enabling you to experience all the benefits and advantages of getting closer to this new feature, and learn how to best use it to reach your contacts with attractive messages, designed to ensure success. Find out more below.








Use it





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Compare and collate data, don’t just read it. You’ll see unexpected results!

You collect volumes of data about your contacts every day, as their journeys lead them through all the channels they are connected to.
Don’t miss any opportunities – collect data, organize and manage it – but above all, equip yourself with the tools that are capable of exploring it and revealing the true meaning.

Don’t stop at just the first impressions. Compare and correlate your data in depth, even if it comes from different systems, and quickly discover new information and facts that couldn’t be seen before. Valuable details to enhance your business. Important tips to help you plan the right strategy, make decisions and ensure a successful future for your company.

Take a look at the infographic below – just one example of how useful exploration and visualization tools can be. Analytics is the Marketing Cloud module you can rely on to reveal the true meaning of your data.










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Suggest specific audiences to your Sales Associates for their in-store campaigns

From June 12th, 2019, a new Plan version is available.
The release is planned between 2.15 pm and 2.45 pm CEST.
This release adds new features that enhance the module, and also includes some minor bug fixes.


What does this release enable you to do?

PianificazioneMake segments created in Plan available in One.

Once a segment has been created, simply create a plan that uses it, then select Send Contacts to a To-do List in One as the Consumer.
Click Create/Edit to display the Create To-do List in One window.

Enter the following information, which the Sales Associate can see in One:

Pla: to do list

  • The list Title.
  • A Short description of the list.
  • The appropriate Action.
    Choose from all the communication channels available in One for the active workspace (Send email, Send Instant Messaging, Phone Call, Other).
  • The Recommended date for the action.
  • The Expiry date.



Your Sales Associates can easily see the audiences that you have identified for them. By checking their To-do List, they will have a directly accessible list of contacts, together with the suggested action, ready for immediate use in their in-store communication activities.










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