Another year together has ended and we are ready for 2023!

So many news, so many activities, so many releases, with one common denominator: to invest in the future of our platform so that it continues to be the reference tool for many organizations that wish to invest in the world of digital marketing and take the experiences they offer to customers and their business to the next level.

Let’s take a look together at some of the many projects in 2022 that have helped make the Marketing Cloud even more unique.

Contactlab joins MailUp

We joined the Growens group and created the MailUp+Contactlab Business Unit. In the European market, together we form the most significant Italian company in the marketing technologies area. Digital Messaging, but also Marketing Cloud and Customer Data Platform. We are a team of over 200 experts who have already satisfied more than 10,000 customers worldwide, able now to support you even in your most challenging activities for an unparalleled engagement marketing.

mailup+contactlabCDP included in Quadrant Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™ for the third consecutive year

With a hint of pride we share that our Customer Data Platform has also received international recognition for 2022. The main features identified are: unique customer view and integration in one place of all data from digital and non-digital touchpoints; profiles enrichment with statistics and information including predictive elaboration such as RFM, CLV, email engagement, and customizable algorithms; advanced profiling and segmentation; and availability of data for real-time activation in automations, multichannel campaigns, transactional emails, customer service, etc.

A UI that can change the outcome

We strongly believe that brands can offer their customers an unforgettable customer experience partly through the choice of the right technology. With the support of a comprehensive, intuitive, easy-to-navigate and constantly updated interface, the user experience we promote allows us to design and create digital marketing campaigns capable of establishing and strengthening the relationship with consumers.


graph#3- newUI


The 2022 was a year of major enhancements on the platform interface with focus on continuous improvement and evolution of the working environment. Among the many releases were:

  • The overhaul of the Customer section for quick navigation of the database.
  • The birth of a new area dedicated to KPI Events to explore key performance indicators and access business data.
  • New functionalities for creating and editing customer journeys.
  • The redistribution of elements across pages and an optimization of navigability.

A customer experience based on customers knowledge


ecommerce connector

Web surfers leave behind a huge amount of data. Connecting ecommerce to a digital marketing platform has become a compulsory choice for many brands with a first major benefit: the ability to know in real-time behaviors, habits and preferences told in first person. Think of the great value of knowing which pages of your portal have been visited, which products viewed, the preferred time of online presence, …


You can ensure you are sending the right communications to the right audience, and this is also thanks to new features in the segmentation area. Now for example in case of a plan gone wrong, you can decide whether to target contacts that have already been validated or ask for the extraction to be updated when you reopen it to activate the delivery.

And speaking of email, the inclusion of Google’s invisible recaptcha in your subscription systems gives you the opportunity to keep your reputation high by protecting your forms: you simplify their completion and further prevent subscription bombing attacks or massive sign-ups from non-existent addresses.

Access to the platform facilitated with the External Identity Provider

You no longer need to create additional accounts with specific credentials and permissions to access the platform. To join the Marketing Cloud, your users can use the same credentials able to access your domain resources in a completely transparent way. You thus gain significant benefits especially in terms of simplicity of systems and process management, operational savings, increased authentication security and scalability of the number of users that can be served.

Better sign your emails and push deliverability

The considerable increase in domain spoofing, phishing, and spear phishing are increasingly forcing companies to equip themselves with email authentication systems to ensure the best delivery rates, a high reputation, and being able to pass spam filters.

We then took action to allow you to manage on a single account, customized DKIMs on a domain basis, ensuring their alignment with your sender domains. You can use different domains for different newsletters such as product mailings or commercial communications, and still be DMARC compliant and ensure maximum deliverability.

In addition, you can set up 2048-bit keys for your account reaching high levels of security compared to standards and all at no additional cost.



Always ready to talk to your customers thanks to Marketing Automation

Take every contact opportunity to promote your offer, fulfill requests, support customers throughout their lifecycle. Generate new interest and increase conversions while reducing time and costs. With the Marketing Cloud you can do this and more. Now you can choose the behavior of your automations each time you suspend and reactivate deliveries, and select which enrollment system should record the unsubscribe event in case one of your contacts requests it. By combining Marketing Automation and highly qualified data, you create highly personalized customer experiences tailored to individual profiles with relevant communications sent at the best time and on the preferred channel.

Capture attention at the first shot with impactful emails

We said: right target, right channel, best time, message customization… but the eye wants its part too and so we have enriched Email Designer, the drag & drop responsive email editor that the platform offers you to work autonomously and in simplicity, but with amazing results. Lots of new features to improve the text experience and grab recipients’ attention with background images in emails. Improved mobile viewing of communications that also goes through optimization of email design, and many other new features for you such as the ability to search templates by tag or name and speed up daily operations. Or discover with A/B testing which communication works best with your audience, using templates created with Email Designer.


ed Aug


So, we have already planned many innovations for the Marketing Cloud that is always at its best, complete to meet every need, keeping up with an ever-changing market and also trying to anticipate future trends. Our desire is to stand by your side and offer you a truly exceptional tool for customer engagement activities. Contact us and we will work together to identify the best strategies and activate the most effective campaigns for your results.


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For the third year running, Contactlab included in Quadrant Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™ CDP

New recognition for the platform. Quadrant Solutions recognised Contactlab as a leading technology partner for Customer Data Platform projects for the third year running. To request the report read here.

Thanks to the refined and comprehensive data management capabilities included in the Marketing Cloud, Contactlab appears in the SPARK Matrix™: Customer Data Platform (CDP), 2022.

The main features of the platform highlight by the analyst are:

  • Unique customer view: unique profiles for each individual contact resulting from the integration of data collected on different online and offline touchpoints such as loyalty programs, web browsing, ecommerce, physical store, etc.
  • Profiles enrichment with statistics and predictive information: RFM, CLV, email engagement, and customisable algorithms.
  • Advanced profiling and segmentation: audiences based on demographic, behavioral and predictive data from BI processing.
  • Immediate availability of data for real-time activation: marketing automation, multi-channel campaigns, transactional emails, customer service, etc.

An engineered CDP conceived and designed from the very beginning to automatically dialogue with delivery tools, allows brands not to miss a beat and use the data collected and integrated at the precise moment it is needed to communicate in a personalised way with customers.

So, if you are looking for a platform that can help you create increasingly targeted and effective customer engagement strategies, designed for each individual contact and be able to measure the results, contact us and our experts will have the answers you are looking for.





Discover the CDP series!

CDP series 1 Data Collection CDP Series CDP series 3 CDP series 4 CDP series 5 CDP series 6



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Contactlab gets even bigger: the first months of this 2022

We have started this 2022 with high expectations and we have kept our word. These first months have been a time of great innovation and significant investments and releases for Contactlab. We have worked on the interface and added new features to the platform with the aim of continuing to offer a tool that is as easy to use, intuitive and even faster, while at the same time providing brands with a clean user experience, freeing up resources for other business activities and ensuring a cutting-edge solution for tailored customer experiences.

Contactlab joins Growens Group


The most important news we are proud of is the entry of Contactlab into the Growens Group, an opportunity we are already seizing in every respect. By joining forces with MailUp, one of the most important European companies in the field of marketing technologies is being created. The union leads to the creation of a player with over 200 highly qualified talents, more than 10,000 customers worldwide, over 25 billion emails sent and 2 billion SMS. An unrivalled companion for brand engagement marketing activities.


The journey towards a state-of-the-art interface continues

Only platforms that pay attention to their users can be truly successful and make brands’ businesses successful. This is a project that started some time ago and, as we anticipated, would not stop soon. We care about those who use the Marketing Cloud every day and that is why we are constantly investing energy in optimising the UI and the user experience.

graph#3- newUI

Over the last few months, our experts have been working to complete the overhaul of the customer section of the Marketing Cloud. The collection of data and behavior, the multiple points of contact and communication opportunities lead you have a great deal of information. However, not all of it is equally useful. That is why we think you need a working platform that can get you access to what you are looking for in the shortest possible time, in the best possible way and in just a few steps to get answers to your needs.

More and more data at the service of the customer experience

By now we are all aware, there is no going back: the relationship your brand has with customers has shifted. It is no longer exclusive to the physical shop and is divided between the retail and ecommerce worlds, often creating more opportunities and results. Online sales are increasing and the growth does not seem to stop, quite the contrary. In addition to multichannel benefits that make you hope to reach more audiences, this trend brings with it another important advantage: the possibility of knowing behavior, habits, preferences of your surfers in real-time and, even more important, they tell you about them. Think of how much information you can collect with a constant connection between your ecommerce and the platform. Or what it could mean to know which pages of your portal have been visited, which products have been viewed, the preferred time of online presence

ecommerce connector

Boosting Sales with Marketing Automation

Many people talk about marketing automation, but how many can really offer a tool that allows you to give your consumers the right attention at any time, making you ready to engage in dialogue whenever the opportunity or need arises? It has become a must for you to seize every contact opportunity to promote your offer, fullfill requests, support customers throughout their lifecycle, generate new interest and increase conversions, while reducing time and costs. With the Marketing Cloud you can do this and more… and we are constantly refining it. You can now choose the behavior of your automations each time you suspend and reactivate deliveries, and select already in the email configuration phase which subscription system should record the unsubscription event in case one of your contacts submits a request. With Marketing Automation and highly qualified data, you create customised customer experiences tailored to individual profiles with relevant communications, sent at the best time and on the preferred channel.

Reaching only those audiences who want it

And speaking of subscription systems, keep your reputation high and further protect your forms with Google’s invisible recaptcha. You immediately achieve two important goals: you make it easier for end users to fill out the form, and you further prevent subscription bombing attacks or massive registrations from non-existent addresses.



Advanced features for email design

Correct to choose the appropriate channel. Right to send at the best moment. Good to customise the text. And the email design? The eye needs its part too, so that your contacts choose to read your communication and the message quickly comes to their attention. New features have enriched the drag & drop responsive email editor that the platform offers you to work independently and easily, but with stunning results. Lots of new functions to improve the text experience or create love at first sight, for instance with the introduction of background images.

And many other new features for you using Email Designer such as the possibility to search for templates by tag or name and speed up day-to-day operations.


What happens now? We have already set to work, we have not stopped for a moment. We have planned many innovations to promote a Marketing Cloud that is always at its best, complete to meet every need customers have and to keep up with an ever-changing market, while also trying, why not, to anticipate trends so that you are always ready in your customer engagement activities. Contact us and we will work together to identify the best strategies and activate the most effective campaigns for your results.





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Selling easier online with ecommerce and marketing clouds always connected

Online consumers leave behind a huge amount of data. Connecting your ecommerce to a marketing platform quickly and easily and enabling data synchronisation is becoming a must for many brands.

Contactlab is able to configure a connector to create a link between the Marketing Cloud to the main ecommerce technologies active on the market, proceed to a quick implementation of the solution and allow marketers to start collecting data for profiling, and for building and activating customised customer journeys.

This automates the exchange of information with no need for special technical skills, reducing management costs and saving all that time that was previously spent on building data flows. Marketers can finally think about strategy and IT departments can sleep soundly.



Some benefits

To offer multi-touchpoint experiences tailored to specific characteristics and needs, consistent and coherent across all communication channels, brands need to know their contacts, and be able to use this information at any point in the individual’s lifecycle.

From a customer-centric perspective, it is necessary to overcome the logic of data silos, but to collect and organise information into unique integrated profiles and be able to share them with all the company systems  so that they are available immediately when they are needed.

Ecommerce is no exception. Constant, real-time dialogue with the marketing cloud brings benefits to both technologies. If on the one hand it allows ecommerce to access all the data necessary to nurture the relationship, offer a tailor-made e-shop, provide customer service that always lives up to expectations and respond to their support requests in the best possible way, on the other hand it returns information that is useful for the personlisation of marketing campaigns and the creation of automations.

In light of the above, we can safely say that the sum of Ecommerce plus Marketing Cloud is definitely greater than the total:

  • You improve conversions.
  • Maximise sales.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Increase the value of your contacts.

Concluding: Ecommerce + Marketing Cloud becomes a must-have

One in four Italians make hybrid purchases. Shopping is becoming more articulated and consumer needs are changing. Physical and digital worlds meet and coexist collaboratively in customers’ shopping paths where retailers open up to the online and the online gains strength and vigour. The store accompanies customers to the virtual shop, and vice versa, this offers integrated and consistent experiences. Online consumers are not there by chance, they decide to be there and in Italy in 2022 online purchases are expected to increase by 14% compared to 2021. The driver of ecommerce is mainly repeat buyers and this confirms what we have repeatedly stated in recent months on different tables, namely that the trend of purchase paths to become progressively more hybrid has not yet reached its peak (Netcomm B2C eCommerce Observatory – School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic).

In this context then, one thing is certain, there is no going back. Brands are coming to terms with new purchasing habits that, while on the one hand require a continuous online presence and are proving to be challenging with investments and major changes in the way of doing business, on the other hand are a source of enormous opportunities.

Integrate the Contactlab platform with your ecommerce, automate processes and accelerate your business.


ecommerce connector


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Let’s simplify the captcha, make it invisible and protect your forms.

How to design your forms safely? The Contactlab platform already offer the possibility of using a captcha to control subscriptions, for example to your newsletters, from illegitimate activities. The feature is always active and available when creating a form on the platform.

In order to prevent subscription bombing attacks or mass subscriptions from non-existent addresses that could compromise your brand reputation, it is essential that subscription forms always include a captcha.

What can you do with this release?

From April, 20th, 2022, a new feature will be available that introduces support and mandatory inclusion of Google’s invisible recaptcha in new subscription forms. With this release, you immediately achieve two important goals: you simplify form filling by end users, and you further strengthen security in the use of the Contactlab platform.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, forms are automatically protected with a captcha and no interaction with the end user is required. Only if the system considers that the form is not being filled in by a person, the test will appear as we have been used to seeing it until now.

With the invisible captcha, your contacts do not have to prove that they are not a robot. They do not have to recognise any combinations of letters and numbers or select images containing traffic lights, hills or cars.




You can be sure that the invisible captcha has been entered because the universal image confirming its presence appears at the bottom right.

What to do if you are a Contactlab user

Are you a Contactlab user? Find out what happens to the active forms. The invisible captcha appears by default on new forms.

  1. Do you use standard forms that already use a captcha?
    The invisible captcha is automatically active on both active and new forms you create.
  2. Do you use standard forms that don’t use a captcha but you want to add one?
    Go to your form and enter the captcha. You will benefit from the invisible captcha immediately.
  3. Have you customised your form and use a captcha?
    Update your form with a new snippet from Send to introduce the invisible captcha.
  4. Have you customized your form, don’t use the captcha and want to add it?
    Ask one of our experts to help you configure the invisible captcha.


The importance of not stopping at double opt-in but securing more sophisticated protection systems has been repeatedly stressed. Despite this, many brands still fail to take the necessary precautions. Often the captcha is seen as a disruptive element within the email and can even deter subscribers.

We therefore decided to take action with this release to:

  • Simplify the interaction with your contacts by offering a more immediate experience and allowing you to complete the subscription with the invisible captcha by filling in as few fields as possible.
  • Improve the display of your content by eliminating the space dedicated to the captcha, considered by discerning brands to be unattractive and out of harmony with the rest of the components.
  • Keep your brand reputation high with forms that are always secure and adhere to best practice.

Nowadays email is one of the most important channels of digital communication and we are increasingly faced with list bombing phenomena that have a significant impact on the activities of brands. We have chosen to bring this issue to the forefront by offering a tool for managing campaigns in the best possible way, avoiding criticalities and ensuring that all emails always reach their intended recipients on time.

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Boost your ecommerce with marketing automation

Selling online has become a great opportunity in recent times, even more than in the past, and thanks to marketing automation you can improve your ecommerce sales by automatically creating moments of interaction between your brand and your customers, without leaving your relationship to chance.

You can make sure that you are ready for dialogue whenever consumers expect and need it. You can take every contact opportunity to promote your offer, collect preferences, support customers throughout their lifecycle, generate new interest and increase conversions, reducing time and costs.

Designing automated customer journeys, you define a set of rules that accompany your contacts and guide them through your relationship. Rules that trigger actions when specific events occur and when appropriate conditions are met.

Thanks to Marketing Automation you create highly personalised customer experiences tailored to individual profiles with relevant communications sent at the best time and on the preferred channel. ⬇️⬇️⬇️



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Is the web behavior of your contacts really interesting for increasing sales?

A few years ago, a UI/UX guru on the usability front said that customers navigation through the pages of an ecommerce site is like moving around a shopping centre. We now add: with one fundamental difference. Browsing on the website offers brands the opportunity to collect a huge amount of data on searches, preferences, interests that is still difficult to track in the store.

If on the one hand commitment and resources are required to create an ecommerce that is clear and simple to consult and interact with, respecting privacy regulations, on the other hand the effort is reciprocated by a significant increase in information on consumers, whether they are customers or prospects. Knowledge of their online behavior is of great value to the business and can become the key to success in your relationship, allowing you to deliver experiences and digital communications tailored to each individual, through retargeting campaigns.

More time spent online, more ecommerce purchases

Social distancing has given a boost to the digital transformation that leads people to spend more time online. Various analyses claim that in Italy at the beginning of 2021 there were around 50 million connected users, with a penetration of 82%.

Among the first reasons why consumers use the Internet, there is the search for products and services, as well as the purchase and use of the same. More and more people are buying online, preferring mobile over desktop, thus reducing the gap between the two modes of access.


Consumers are proving to feel comfortable online, they love to shop online, they move fast and while browsing here and there, they leave behind numerous traces, data and information that are crucial for brands.

It should be noted that these trends do not seem to be reversed in the future. On the contrary, the new shopping habits that place ecommerce alongside the store will remain even when all the restrictions due to the pandemic are overcome, reinforcing more and more omnichannel shopping experiences.

Web browsing data

However, the presence online of your contacts is not only confined to the moment of purchase, which ends with payment. To maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you need to record consumer behavior before and after and use this information for activities that capture their attention, guide them in their searches and make purchases, reducing abandoned sessions and increasing conversions of visitors to customers.

For a successful digital marketing strategy, you have to collect web browsing data as well.

Monitor page views and understand who are repeat visitors and who are first-time visitors. Understand the entry points, which products or services they visit or how long they stay in. All this information is useful for immediate up-sell or cross-sell and for building and implementing personalised and differentiated contact plans or customer journeys over time, paying attention not only to content but also to timing and message delivery channels.

The Contactlab Marketing Cloud

Don’t let precious opportunities pass you by. The Marketing Cloud gives you the tools you need to track your online activities.

By appropriately configuring your website and a Javascript source in the platform, you can write the information on your unique profile automatically. And so you can, for example, decide to target all contacts who have viewed a particular page even more than once, over a certain period of time, but without completing any purchases. Or reserve a special birthday discount for the purchase of the product viewed in the previous month but not purchased. Or simply identify the campaign with which the contact landed online and monitor following behavior, measuring the effectiveness of initiatives and providing you with the data you need to refine future initiatives and maximise their returns. The values recorded are constantly updated.

All this with the certainty that your activities comply with privacy regulations simply by configuring the platform so that, if a contact has denied consent to the use of a particular piece of information, even if your ecommerce system notifies the action, it is not recorded on the profile.

So, if you still have doubts, please contact us. Together we will look at your needs, tell you industry best practices and guide you step by step through the collection of web information. Put your contacts at the heart of your strategies and empower your business.

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How was 2021? Great for the Marketing Cloud!

The year 2022 has already begun at full speed, but we also like to slow down, to find the right moments to take some time and look back. We like to close our eyes and think about what has happened in the past year, at the many new developments in the platform, at the small and large results we have achieved, at the many features that have enriched our Marketing Cloud.

But this time we want to do it differently, starting from the end. So we say, contact us and together we will design the best path for your organisation towards successful communication campaigns that guarantee tangible business returns. How?

Prefer a simple and intuitive user experience

We have always aimed to provide you with a tool that is quick and easy to use, yet comprehensive. We have worked to ensure that the interface allows you to carry out your digital marketing activities without taking away precious time from your core activities. A renewed UI to move between the various areas of the platform in a coherent way. The choice of a clean and light design system, able to guide you in your work, in the check of scheduled operations and in the resolution of problems. An environment that allows you to choose what you want to see and offers you clearly what you need, with the use of logical navigation, elements and components that are the same in the various modules. The area dedicated to customers has been completely revamped: with the collection and tracking of customer data and behavior and the multiple points of contact and communication opportunities, you have a wealth of information. But not all of it is equally useful to your business. That’s why we’ve come up with a platform that gives you access to what you’re looking for or what you need in the shortest possible time and in the best possible way so that you can immediately activate your campaigns in a few steps, even automatically. We are moving in great strides towards a great interface.

Choosing the target audience of each communication carefully

SegmentationWe know how important it is to target every email, every SMS correctly and to make sure that they reach the right person, as well as at the right time and with the most interesting content. We are therefore constantly expanding the data on which you can build segments. For example, you can now decide to segment on the basis of the KPIs you get from the results of surveys you submit to your contacts, whether they are customers or prospects. You listen to them and, thanks to the feedback you collect, you design customer journeys or plan timely trigger campaigns. Or, with the introduction of the new other digital events rule, you collect events recorded on external systems in the platform and use this information to build lists of recipients for your deliveries, whether they are single items or more complex automations. Furthermore, with the recent search mode, it becomes faster to enter a list of values as a condition to be included or excluded from your audience. In short, start from the true knowledge of your customers for a micro-segmentation that will allow you to personalise your relationship with them and make it last.

Designing customer journeys with a wow effect for increasingly demanding customers

Great news also for Contactlab’s marketing automation. The year opened in the best possible way with the availability of the new UI, but the remaining months did not disappoint either. Referring to the refinement of the audience, you can now make a contact leave an automation system not only when an event occurs, such as a purchase or the opening of an email, but also when one or more pieces of personal data concerning him or her change, thus preventing him or her from continuing to receive attention from your brand on topics that are no longer relevant. In addition, you can now understand who used a particular coupon, for example, when, how and where, and set up follow-up activities based on what actually happened.

Convinced that automation is something that can no longer be lacking in digital marketing activities, not only to follow times and needs but above all to anticipate them, we have tried to go further. The platform has therefore been enriched with a series of pre-configured journeys from which to create your customer experiences. You can select one and use it as proposed, or modify it as you like and need to, saving time, freeing up resources and, last but not least, reducing errors in the design of flows that could affect the operation of the entire journey.


HTML template

Amaze your audience with personalised and captivating messages

Content also plays its part: text, fonts, graphic elements, colours, components position… Even the weight of the images has a significant impact on the success of a digital marketing campaign! In 2021, we have continued with conviction the path we started in the past to offer HTML editors that are in step with the times, that allow for great customisation and differentiation of content according to the target audience and with the aim of reducing the time needed to create templates, thus again optimising your user experience.

Today you can benefit from an HTML editor that has the necessary functionalities to design and create attractive emails with just the movement of the mouse and with each element in the right place, able to attract attention exactly where you want it. You can design communications with sophisticated graphics and captivate your contacts, while relying on sending systems that ensure that the campaign content has not undergone unauthorised changes during the sending and receiving phases. We have further extended the support for security protocols – DMARC, DKIM, SPF, … – to better support your brand reputation and maximise deliverability.

Seize every contact opportunity with an email or text message

In times of pandemic we have all realised the value of email in staying close despite social distancing. Time ago someone suggested it was a dead tool… far from it given the numbers for 2021! The sheer volume of emails sent and received over the last few months must be the reason why we have to use this contact channel with particular care. We have put our finger on the pulse of our digital messaging platform, beginning a process of optimisation and performance improvement that will make your marketing campaigns easier to implement and safer to run. In addition, a special focus has been placed on further improving the email and SMS delivering applications in all areas: whether it is a question of mass or targeted emails, or even service or transactional ones, you will find an answer to all your needs.




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LIVE the new single customer view UI!

We can’t reveal everything, so to find out about the many new features contact us or enter the platform and start browsing. It will be easier than you can imagine. However, we would like to give you a sneak peek, because this is a great piece of work that we have carried out as part of the – always open – project to improve your user experience. Yes, because offering you tools that are fast, intuitive, easy to use and at the same time rich and with every response to your needs, is fundamental for us.

The impetus behind this lies in the fact that, with the collection and tracking of your customers’ data and behavior, and with the multiple points of contact and opportunities for communication, you find yourself with a truly vast amount of information. But not all of it is equally useful to your business. That’s why we think you need a marketing platform that can get you to what you’re looking for as quickly as possible, in the best possible way and in just a few steps.

Some news

Reorganisation and simplification of the contact database


From cards with all the information available – but not always necessary and often too much for your goals – to structured and organised profiles, where the really important data is immediately displayed. An optimisation of the header, an area with a clean design, which always remains visible even when you scroll the page. Maximum contextualisation to always remind you where you are and the information you need for your activities. Information spread over several tabs, immediately accessible.


New table navigation and filters

Dynamic tables where you can select the columns to be displayed and scroll through them, always keeping the email as a fixed point. Opportunity to sort rows by any visible field. A simplified contact search function and a new customer creation tab.



New smart components

The interface has been enriched with components aimed at improving the use of content both on the desktop and on mobile, with navigation further optimised for the tablet. A date and time selection mode, where it is possible to quickly indicate the period concerned by clicking on a mask that opens with the various options.

In addition, a secure interface that chooses illustrations to increase the protection of operations. The possibility of making irreparable mistakes, such as deleting a contact, is reduced, with the support of messages accompanied by clear, self-explanatory images that help avoid non-reversible actions.



Drill down into individual events

No more endless, long and scattered lists of events. From a vertical timeline to a heatmap where the events in the database are grouped into 5 categories that can be easily viewed on the screen. A set of events that can be consulted in detail by clicking on the box of interest. Applying an automatic filter on the selected category opens a complete drill-down. Possibility of creating new events in a data entry form with revised and lighter graphics to make the operation quick and safe.




We have a lot more in the pipeline, so send us your feedback and requests through the Contactlab experts you are in contact with. Follow us and together we will live user experiences at the cutting edge.



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Increase the protection of your emails: 2048-bit DKIM keys

When people talk about inbox placement rates and reputation, they inevitably think of SPF, DKIM and DMARC. Threats such as domain spoofing, phishing and spear phishing have been encouraging the development of more reassuring sender domain authentication strategies for brands for quite some time now.

And we have some interesting DKIM news to tell you about today.

What is a DKIM

Let’s quickly go over some definitions so we’re sure we all know what we’re talking about and appreciate the value all the way through. DomainKeys Identified Mail is a cryptographic signature that guarantees the integrity of your message from the moment it is sent until it is received by the mailbox provider. Simply put, your messages contain some verifiable information that can confirm that you are responsible for the emails you send.

How does this work? Upon receiving the email and before delivering the message, the server verifies that the key in the header is the key associated with your sender domain. If it is, the content of the email is considered safe, i.e. it is confirmed that there has been no modification by a third party on the way and so the email ends up in the inbox.

Therefore, the more you pay attention to the key protection or make it difficult to break the key, the more you will be sure that all sending and receiving procedures will be done correctly. It is necessary to protect the key from increasingly frequent attacks by hackers.

From 562 bits to 2048 bits

The longer a key is, the more difficult it will be to attack it. Over the years, we have gone from 562-character keys to 1024-character keys with a significant significant reductions in vulnerability and violability.

Today Contactlab is able to offer DKIM at 2048 bits. The optimal choice for brands is to customize DKIM by setting it on their domain and delegating it to Contactlab. Allowing you to sign emails with your domain name, ensures the integrity of the signed message content and further strengthens your reputation and the deliverability of the communications you send.

DKIM signing becomes even more of a key requirement to legitimize the sender domain. Increasing the length of the key is part of all the efforts you need to put in place to overcome spam filters, prevent your email campaigns from failing, and reach the inbox of your contacts, whether they are customers or prospects, without outside interference. Danger is always just around the corner.

Summarizing, why to use DKIM in your email campaigns

  • To confirm that the authenticated domain actually sent the email.
  • To ensure that the content of the message was not changed during delivery.
  • To maintain high delivery rates.

Contact us to find out how to set up 2048-bit keys for your account. Contactlab is among the first ESPs to offer such high security services, don’t miss out. Continue to ensure maximum deliverability to your deliveries with this and other measures that our experts will advise you on.





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