Compare and collate data, don’t just read it. You’ll see unexpected results!

You collect volumes of data about your contacts every day, as their journeys lead them through all the channels they are connected to.
Don’t miss any opportunities – collect data, organize and manage it – but above all, equip yourself with the tools that are capable of exploring it and revealing the true meaning.

Don’t stop at just the first impressions. Compare and correlate your data in depth, even if it comes from different systems, and quickly discover new information and facts that couldn’t be seen before. Valuable details to enhance your business. Important tips to help you plan the right strategy, make decisions and ensure a successful future for your company.

Take a look at the infographic below – just one example of how useful exploration and visualization tools can be. Analytics is the Marketing Cloud module you can rely on to reveal the true meaning of your data.










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Suggest specific audiences to your Sales Associates for their in-store campaigns

From June 12th, 2019, a new Plan version is available.
The release is planned between 2.15 pm and 2.45 pm CEST.
This release adds new features that enhance the module, and also includes some minor bug fixes.


What does this release enable you to do?

PianificazioneMake segments created in Plan available in One.

Once a segment has been created, simply create a plan that uses it, then select Send Contacts to a To-do List in One as the Consumer.
Click Create/Edit to display the Create To-do List in One window.

Enter the following information, which the Sales Associate can see in One:

Pla: to do list

  • The list Title.
  • A Short description of the list.
  • The appropriate Action.
    Choose from all the communication channels available in One for the active workspace (Send email, Send Instant Messaging, Phone Call, Other).
  • The Recommended date for the action.
  • The Expiry date.



Your Sales Associates can easily see the audiences that you have identified for them. By checking their To-do List, they will have a directly accessible list of contacts, together with the suggested action, ready for immediate use in their in-store communication activities.










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What’s next: A re-energized interface, purpose-designed to enhance user experience

To ensure that we stay one step ahead of your future needs, the Contactlab Marketing Cloud will soon be available through a new user interface. A tailor-made workplace, which both complements the integration of a wealth of features and enables you to move from one module to another while using the same view.



The usability interface

Our UXD and front-end teams have been busy during the last few months, developing a common interface that lets you navigate the various platform elements with just a simple click in the sidebar menu. Now, we are ready to provide you with a new experience that truly makes a difference in day-to-day use.

With a fresh, modern design, the immediate benefits are clear – browsing and using the platform is easier, faster and more intuitive, while improved access to the various modules increases productivity and saves you time.


The company that follows the user

You can easily jump from one module to another while continuing to use the same company and even the same node! The current node does not change when you move within the platform, and the UI continues to provide contextual information that is based on the user’s role.




CMC collpaseOptimized for use on tablets

The new UI ensures its components can dynamically adapt to different formats – making it easier to manage campaigns, communicate with customers and further cultivate successful relationships, even on the move.




WidgetAn environment dedicated to you, the user

The interface represents a single point of reference for browsing within the platform, searching for specific tools and resources, using the Contactlab Marketing Cloud and for managing your account. Each user can access exactly what they need – modules, resources, services and self-service tools –  enabling everyone to easily and successfully carry out their activities.




A guided journey through the cloud

Your journey through the platform becomes simple, easy and fun, thanks to the supporting images, themed illustrations and targeted messages. All this, purpose-designed to let you know exactly what is happening, always, and better manage your Contactlab Marketing Cloud experience.



In just a few more days, you too can discover the new interface and test our new world for yourself – live.



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Put Send users and their permissions in your hands with just a few clicks – Accountcentral Release v. 1.5.1

A new Accountcentral version is available from May 20th, 2019.
The release is planned between 2.30 pm and 15.30 pm CEST.


What does this release help you to do?

DownloadIf you are an Accountcentral ADMIN user, you can download a list of Send users, as well as one showing the relevant permissions, provided they have:

  • An active account for the company at the time the list is generated.
  • An account for a 1st level child company.

Downloads can be made direct to your device, in CSV format.
To access this functionality, go to Accountcentral > Team > Reports.



What does this mean?

This new feature allows you to download the two lists with just a few clicks then view them locally, to carry out any required activities, such as a user audit.







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Watch the Contactlab Marketing Cloud in action

Engagement Intelligence with a Human Touch

Contactlab Marketing Cloud provides a powerful and very capable platform that helps you tangibly enhance your customer interactions, increase their value significantly, and successfully influence purchases again and again. It supports you through every stage of the customer life cycle, helping you convert contacts into valuable customers, boost loyalty, and develop long term relationships while reducing churn.

Spend the next couple of minutes watching the demo video and start to get a taste for how much we can do together…

Then contact our Customer Care for the complete picture.




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Combine events and demographic data to trigger contact-focused activities – Flow release v.2.4.0

A new Flow version is available from March 14th, 2019, and it includes some new features that enhance the module.
The release is planned between 9 and 9:30 am CET.


What does this release enable you to do?

You can branch a contact’s journey based on a triggering event combined with one or more demographic properties from their individual profile.

When you define a Check step, select the Wait then Check option, and choose Event as the Filter Type. When you then follow the Check step with an Action one, and click Edit condition, you’ll be able to define both Event conditions and Profile conditions.


What does this mean?

Imagine you have planned new collection fashion shows at your Milan store, but the number of seats is limited. You want to send an invitation to the most important customers among your contact base. Using the Flow UI, you create an automation that:

  • Sends an SMS, which contains a discount code to be used in-store to promote a cross-channel strategy, to customers who have just completed a purchase on your e-commerce site.
  • Follows up the initial message after the appropriate number of days, with a second communication to customers who completed an order and used the coupon.
    The new message would be differentiated according to a contact’s response and their profile information:

    • Customers who completed the order in the Milan store (event rules: storeCode = Milan) and are both a top-spender and female (profile rules: tag = top spender and gender = female) receive an invitation email to the Women’s new collection fashion show.
    • Customers who completed the order in the Milan store (event rules: storeCode = Milan) and are both a top-spender and male (profile rules: tag = top spender and gender = male) receive an invitation email to the Men’s new collection fashion show.
    • The journey of contacts who have not purchased something using the coupon code is ended immediately.
  • Completes the paths by:
    • Sending a thank you email to those who attended the fashion show. The relevant paths would then be concluded with an End step.
    • Finishing the journey for those who did not attend, with an End step.

This is just a short example to illustrate how you can move contacts along different paths, and trigger activities according to the relevant field values in their individual Hub customer profiles, combined with event-based conditions.

Here is the flow for the above example:

See the Flow Guide for more details or, if you have any questions, contact our Customer Service.







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What makes the Contactlab Marketing Cloud a CDP as well?

In a time when each customer can interact with a brand whenever they want, from anywhere they wish, through multiple devices, the resulting information often gets trapped in separate systems that become ‘data silos’. This graphic illustrates how Contactlab Marketing Cloud modules combine to provide you with a powerful Customer Data Platform (CDP) which makes all the data readily available to marketeers and helps them create highly effective engagement strategies.

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Use demographic data to differentiate your contacts’ journeys – Flow release v. 2.3.0

A new Contactflow version is available from March 1st, 2019, and it includes some new features that enhance the module.
The release is planned between noon and 1:00 pm CET.


What does this release enable you to do?

Flow_customerYou can choose to branch a contact’s journey according to a triggering event, or the demographic properties in their individual profile. All the demographic data you have collected in customer profiles as a result of your communication activities through each of the integrated channels, can be used to manage your relationships, improve customer experiences and progressively increase their participation in your marketing campaigns.

If you select the Wait then Check option when you are defining a Check step, you can then choose Customer as the Filter Type.


What does this mean?

Imagine you want to enhance the data in your customer profiles, and ensure you have each contact’s date of birth and city of residence available, ready for tailored campaigns based on the use of that information. You can, for example, build a journey that:

  • Sends an email to all the contacts who create a profile on your e-commerce site, asking them to ensure they complete the missing fields, in return for a pleasant surprise.
  • Follows up after the appropriate number of days with a second communication, which would be differentiated according to the contact’s response to the first mail:
    • Those who correctly supplied the missing data would be sent a discount coupon. The relevant path would also be completed with an End step.
    • The contacts who have not yet replied would be sent a new request to complete the fields, with an explanation that the surprise is a discount coupon.
  • Completes the paths by:
    • Sending  the coupon to those who comply with the second request. The relevant path would then be completed with an End step.
    • Completing the journey for those who still do not reply with an End step.

This is a short and simple example, but it highlights how you can move a contact between alternative paths, based on whether a property field in the individual Hub customer profile has been completed, or not.

Here is the flow representing the above example:




See the Flow Guide  for more details or, if you have any questions, contact our Customer Service.







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Contactlab included among the main vendors in the first Gartner Market Guide for Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

Gartner has released their first GartnerMarket Guide for Customer Data Platforms for Marketing, and Contactlab has been listed among the Representative Vendors globally, as a technology that enables brands to integrate contact data collected from different sources, into individual profiles. The guide provides essential support to those who wish to develop advanced customer engagement strategies and need a 360° understanding of their contacts.

The difficulties encountered by marketeers when they try to use customer information that is distributed across multiple systems and data silos, have led software vendors to develop new solutions to resolve problems of this type.

The guide analyzes the market in which CDPs operate, and provides a valuable means of understanding it, especially when a brand needs to make significant investments in this area. The intention is to help companies choose between the various technological offerings, understand the features and functionality of CDPs, and map them onto their needs, to identify the most appropriate solution.

The Contactlab Marketing Cloud CDP according to Gartner

A Customer Data Platform centralizes personal and behavioral data for each contact in one point. These integrated profiles are then made available to the various originating systems, enriched, up-to-date and immediately usable.

To adhere to Gartner’s CDP definition, technology that includes the following functionality is needed:

  • The collection of all data for each individual contact from multiple sources, both offline and online, in real-time, and without any storage limitations.
  • The integration of information into individual and identifiable profiles.
  • Segmentation based on personal and behavioral details, or data coming from, for example, predictive algorithmic elaborations.
  • The activation and immediate use of data for marketing campaigns, as well as business analysis and decision making.

Discover the KNOWLEDGE section of ​​the Contactlab Marketing Cloud and get to know Hub, Plan and Data… the modules that so effectively ensure the Contactlab platform is also a CDP.

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One for Azure available in Microsoft’s AppSource

Anyone browsing for a clienteling application among those available for Azure on the Microsoft portal, can, from today, also find One.



The partnership that has, in fact, been operational for some months now, recently resulted in this very important first goal.

Contactlab was present at the Microsoft Digital Week in March 2018, where the One-Azure activity was announced. Today, we can highlight the first results of this collaboration with the arrival of One for Azure, which has officially been certified as a web app in the Microsoft marketplace.

Why does a brand choose One? Because it is an easy and intuitive tool that bases long-term customer relationships on a real and in-depth knowledge of each one of them, then makes the details available to every Sales Associate, as required. Not only personal data, but also important behavioral information related every activity between contacts and the brand… store visits, purchases, preferences and website browsing habits, churn or future buying probabilities, the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) a contact’s interest in individually tailored messages and so on.

Thanks to One, the Sales Associate has all the information they need to start a one-to-one dialog and convey personalized messages, not only through classic email and SMS channels, but also by using chat. Thanks to integrations with the most popular instant messaging apps, your brand can also reach customers through Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, WeChat and WhatsApp.

Ask for all the details, and find out just how powerful One can be, both on Microsoft Azure and as a standalone app.

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