A new award for the Contactlab CDP

After Gartner and the CDP Institute, Quadrant Solutions recognises Contactlab as a leading technology partner for Customer Data Platform projects.

Thanks to the Marketing Cloud, Contactlab appears in the SPARK Matrix™: B2C Customer Data Platforms (CDP), 2020.

Quadrant Solutions identifies some key features a platform must have to be a CDP:

  • Creation of unique 360° profiles for every single contact thanks to the integration of data collected from different touchpoints both online and offline, such as website, loyalty programs, subscriptions, ecommerce and stores.
  • Ability to build advanced segments based on all available information and to plan campaigns.
  • Further processing of collected data for the calculation of statistics and predictive information – RFM, CLV, email engagement, etc – useful for profile enrichment.
  • Immediate availability of profiles for punctual initiatives both within the platform and through external systems and used for various activities: marketing, customer service, etc.

In addition, thanks to the adoption of the Marketing Cloud, Quadrant Solutions considers a great benefit to have an engineered CDP – which means conceived and designed right from the start – with marketing automation and multi-channel campaign delivery tools: email, SMS and more.

So, if you are looking for a platform that can help you create increasingly targeted and effective customer engagement strategies, designed for each individual contact and be able to measure the results, contact us and our experts will have the answers you are looking for.



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