New interface and lots of features for the Marketing Automation – MC Release v.8.0.0

Here we are, another important step forward to offer you the Marketing Cloud of the future already today.
As of December 12th, 2022, a new version of the platform’s marketing automation is available.
The release is scheduled from 11:00 am to 11:30 am CET.

What can you do with this release?

Lots of new features in a revamped look and feel that will allow you to have an amazing user experience and get the most out of your journeys! Let’s take a look together at some of the new features we have planned for both the process of creating new automations and modifying existing ones. Enter the platform now and experience them all directly:

  • The Automations > Marketing Automation section where you can search and browse your automations has been streamlined.
    With this release the tabs have been reorganized and now ready automations are available in the list of active ones with the status clearly indicated.
    As you may remember, in this area were also available in the Templates tab, a number of preconfigured journeys from which you could start to create customized HTML according to your needs and desires. With the new version, you will find these templates directly when creating a new journey in the Templates tab.



  • If you wish to look up automations in a particular status, in the list available under Automations > Marketing Automation you can click on the funnel symbol and choose for which field to filter: one or more than one at the same time.




  • You can decide which fields to display in your journey list: some fields are set as a default, instead you can choose others to add by going into Automations > Marketing Automation > desired tab > Configure Table.




  • Always remember to click Apply after each change to the section. This is another great new feature of the next release: if you forget to apply, your changes will be lost. Keep in mind, however, that changes in the field display are not saved permanently, but in case you want them, you have to make them as needed.
  • The visualization of your flows has also improved with this release. When you open an automation, you see a new graphic, which is fresher, cleaner, simpler, and where the new distribution of elements has prioritized intuitiveness.
    You can see the entire flow and decide where to click to get the relevant details.
    Thanks to the zoom buttons available immediately to its left, you can decide to consult the step you want.
    For easy access and reading of statistics, you find the data by simply clicking the step: delivery, bounces, openings, etc. at the click of a button.




  • When you create a new automation, by clicking Proceed, it is automatically saved as a draft and you can find it in the correct tab.
  • To edit an automation, if before you would have had to click on the pencil symbol next to the name, now select the automation from the list and enter Settings. Remember that you cannot edit automations that are running.




  • Inserting a wizard for customizing a flow: once, for example, you have chosen the source and you want to continue designing of the journey, by clicking on the + symbol, the platform accompanies you through this activity. In fact, all the options available to allow you to identify the various steps and define their characteristics appear in the right part of the screen.




  • Opening the Email Editor takes you to a larger window and retrieving the desired template, you will have both the HTML code and the preview on the same screen without having to switch tabs and exit.



What does this mean?

Those proposed are just some of the many interesting improvements made to the Marketing Automation area of the platform. Each single intervention is aimed at optimizing your business and the time invested, and giving you the tools to create your campaigns in simplicity and speed, while still guaranteeing a successful result!