Lockdown? Get a credit for your next gym pass renewal!

Haven’t you been able to use your subscription in the last weeks? Your gym will take care of you and will reserve a credit that can be used on the next renewal to all customers who request it.

GYMIn order to manage all the steps timely and to be sure that the largest number of customers respond and take advantage of the gift, your gym has chosen to rely on marketing automation tools. They have designed a journey to bring you from the first promotional email to the voucher!

Let’s have a look together to the journey… and we’ll find that there’s more than we can imagine. In fact, if on one hand there is the usual attention to the customer and that is valid especially now, on the other hand your gym wants to:

  • Qualify as much customer data as possible.
  • Have as many subscribers as possible with an active personal account on the site.

In order to adapt the business to the new restrictions and to the post-lockdown guidelines, it wants to increase the online services – first of all the renewal of subscriptions but also the choice of the personal trainer, booking the training session or the locker, etc. etc. – and they also want to reduce many of the administrative activities previously managed face to face.

In order to start with this new project, however, every customer needs to be registered.

Let’s see how your gym decides to proceed

All the contacts who have a valid subscription enter the automation: an annual pass to all the activities, single entrances, courses, etc. etc. Depending on the type, subscribers will receive personalized communications with different content and tailored to their specific characteristics.

The email will however contain an invitation to visit the site where a very short form will be available. By indicating only email and card number, you will have the opportunity to claim your credit. Here the gym wants to keep short the time required to complete the request.

FormPlease note that your gym does not have the correct and / or usable email address for all the subscribers. For this reason it also promotes the availability of the form on social accounts and via local radio to reach as many contacts as possible.

In any case, coming back to our journey, once filled out the form, the contact will immediately receive an email confirming the status of the request.

The form can now trigger the check and if the card number is actually registered in the gym’s systems and if so, the customer profile is created – or updated if existing – with the new grantedCoupon event.

A new email will then be sent – after 24 hours from the first communication – with instructions to activate the credit definitively. A link will be provided to the site registration page – or login if you already have a personal account – to access your area. By clicking “activate your voucher” you can finalize the entire procedure.

In addition, in the same communication, a further discount will be offered to all those who download the app and activate the notification service.

The confirmation of this second voucher – in addition to the first one – will be done via push notification.

Once this is done, you will also have the possibility to update online all your data about your habits, preferences, needs etc etc and to receive free gifts for any more data added, typically gym gadgets: mat, towel, tokens for beverages, etc. etc..

All the information generated during the flow will be collected and integrated into a unique customer profile who will be constantly updated with everything, including your digital behavior.


…you can use marketing automation to achieve the most different goals. Here we have seen a quick example but many others are possible in all industries.

Contact us now and together we can see what’s right for you. The combination of the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform and our Digital Marketing Services are the key to manage this new “normality” we have to get used to. Together everything can become easier.


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