How was 2021? Great for the Marketing Cloud!

The year 2022 has already begun at full speed, but we also like to slow down, to find the right moments to take some time and look back. We like to close our eyes and think about what has happened in the past year, at the many new developments in the platform, at the small and large results we have achieved, at the many features that have enriched our Marketing Cloud.

But this time we want to do it differently, starting from the end. So we say, contact us and together we will design the best path for your organisation towards successful communication campaigns that guarantee tangible business returns. How?

Prefer a simple and intuitive user experience

We have always aimed to provide you with a tool that is quick and easy to use, yet comprehensive. We have worked to ensure that the interface allows you to carry out your digital marketing activities without taking away precious time from your core activities. A renewed UI to move between the various areas of the platform in a coherent way. The choice of a clean and light design system, able to guide you in your work, in the check of scheduled operations and in the resolution of problems. An environment that allows you to choose what you want to see and offers you clearly what you need, with the use of logical navigation, elements and components that are the same in the various modules. The area dedicated to customers has been completely revamped: with the collection and tracking of customer data and behavior and the multiple points of contact and communication opportunities, you have a wealth of information. But not all of it is equally useful to your business. That’s why we’ve come up with a platform that gives you access to what you’re looking for or what you need in the shortest possible time and in the best possible way so that you can immediately activate your campaigns in a few steps, even automatically. We are moving in great strides towards a great interface.

Choosing the target audience of each communication carefully

SegmentationWe know how important it is to target every email, every SMS correctly and to make sure that they reach the right person, as well as at the right time and with the most interesting content. We are therefore constantly expanding the data on which you can build segments. For example, you can now decide to segment on the basis of the KPIs you get from the results of surveys you submit to your contacts, whether they are customers or prospects. You listen to them and, thanks to the feedback you collect, you design customer journeys or plan timely trigger campaigns. Or, with the introduction of the new other digital events rule, you collect events recorded on external systems in the platform and use this information to build lists of recipients for your deliveries, whether they are single items or more complex automations. Furthermore, with the recent search mode, it becomes faster to enter a list of values as a condition to be included or excluded from your audience. In short, start from the true knowledge of your customers for a micro-segmentation that will allow you to personalise your relationship with them and make it last.

Designing customer journeys with a wow effect for increasingly demanding customers

Great news also for Contactlab’s marketing automation. The year opened in the best possible way with the availability of the new UI, but the remaining months did not disappoint either. Referring to the refinement of the audience, you can now make a contact leave an automation system not only when an event occurs, such as a purchase or the opening of an email, but also when one or more pieces of personal data concerning him or her change, thus preventing him or her from continuing to receive attention from your brand on topics that are no longer relevant. In addition, you can now understand who used a particular coupon, for example, when, how and where, and set up follow-up activities based on what actually happened.

Convinced that automation is something that can no longer be lacking in digital marketing activities, not only to follow times and needs but above all to anticipate them, we have tried to go further. The platform has therefore been enriched with a series of pre-configured journeys from which to create your customer experiences. You can select one and use it as proposed, or modify it as you like and need to, saving time, freeing up resources and, last but not least, reducing errors in the design of flows that could affect the operation of the entire journey.


HTML template

Amaze your audience with personalised and captivating messages

Content also plays its part: text, fonts, graphic elements, colours, components position… Even the weight of the images has a significant impact on the success of a digital marketing campaign! In 2021, we have continued with conviction the path we started in the past to offer HTML editors that are in step with the times, that allow for great customisation and differentiation of content according to the target audience and with the aim of reducing the time needed to create templates, thus again optimising your user experience.

Today you can benefit from an HTML editor that has the necessary functionalities to design and create attractive emails with just the movement of the mouse and with each element in the right place, able to attract attention exactly where you want it. You can design communications with sophisticated graphics and captivate your contacts, while relying on sending systems that ensure that the campaign content has not undergone unauthorised changes during the sending and receiving phases. We have further extended the support for security protocols – DMARC, DKIM, SPF, … – to better support your brand reputation and maximise deliverability.

Seize every contact opportunity with an email or text message

In times of pandemic we have all realised the value of email in staying close despite social distancing. Time ago someone suggested it was a dead tool… far from it given the numbers for 2021! The sheer volume of emails sent and received over the last few months must be the reason why we have to use this contact channel with particular care. We have put our finger on the pulse of our digital messaging platform, beginning a process of optimisation and performance improvement that will make your marketing campaigns easier to implement and safer to run. In addition, a special focus has been placed on further improving the email and SMS delivering applications in all areas: whether it is a question of mass or targeted emails, or even service or transactional ones, you will find an answer to all your needs.