Contactlab gets even bigger: the first months of this 2022

We have started this 2022 with high expectations and we have kept our word. These first months have been a time of great innovation and significant investments and releases for Contactlab. We have worked on the interface and added new features to the platform with the aim of continuing to offer a tool that is as easy to use, intuitive and even faster, while at the same time providing brands with a clean user experience, freeing up resources for other business activities and ensuring a cutting-edge solution for tailored customer experiences.

Contactlab joins Growens Group


The most important news we are proud of is the entry of Contactlab into the Growens Group, an opportunity we are already seizing in every respect. By joining forces with MailUp, one of the most important European companies in the field of marketing technologies is being created. The union leads to the creation of a player with over 200 highly qualified talents, more than 10,000 customers worldwide, over 25 billion emails sent and 2 billion SMS. An unrivalled companion for brand engagement marketing activities.


The journey towards a state-of-the-art interface continues

Only platforms that pay attention to their users can be truly successful and make brands’ businesses successful. This is a project that started some time ago and, as we anticipated, would not stop soon. We care about those who use the Marketing Cloud every day and that is why we are constantly investing energy in optimising the UI and the user experience.

graph#3- newUI

Over the last few months, our experts have been working to complete the overhaul of the customer section of the Marketing Cloud. The collection of data and behavior, the multiple points of contact and communication opportunities lead you have a great deal of information. However, not all of it is equally useful. That is why we think you need a working platform that can get you access to what you are looking for in the shortest possible time, in the best possible way and in just a few steps to get answers to your needs.

More and more data at the service of the customer experience

By now we are all aware, there is no going back: the relationship your brand has with customers has shifted. It is no longer exclusive to the physical shop and is divided between the retail and ecommerce worlds, often creating more opportunities and results. Online sales are increasing and the growth does not seem to stop, quite the contrary. In addition to multichannel benefits that make you hope to reach more audiences, this trend brings with it another important advantage: the possibility of knowing behavior, habits, preferences of your surfers in real-time and, even more important, they tell you about them. Think of how much information you can collect with a constant connection between your ecommerce and the platform. Or what it could mean to know which pages of your portal have been visited, which products have been viewed, the preferred time of online presence

ecommerce connector

Boosting Sales with Marketing Automation

Many people talk about marketing automation, but how many can really offer a tool that allows you to give your consumers the right attention at any time, making you ready to engage in dialogue whenever the opportunity or need arises? It has become a must for you to seize every contact opportunity to promote your offer, fullfill requests, support customers throughout their lifecycle, generate new interest and increase conversions, while reducing time and costs. With the Marketing Cloud you can do this and more… and we are constantly refining it. You can now choose the behavior of your automations each time you suspend and reactivate deliveries, and select already in the email configuration phase which subscription system should record the unsubscription event in case one of your contacts submits a request. With Marketing Automation and highly qualified data, you create customised customer experiences tailored to individual profiles with relevant communications, sent at the best time and on the preferred channel.

Reaching only those audiences who want it

And speaking of subscription systems, keep your reputation high and further protect your forms with Google’s invisible recaptcha. You immediately achieve two important goals: you make it easier for end users to fill out the form, and you further prevent subscription bombing attacks or massive registrations from non-existent addresses.



Advanced features for email design

Correct to choose the appropriate channel. Right to send at the best moment. Good to customise the text. And the email design? The eye needs its part too, so that your contacts choose to read your communication and the message quickly comes to their attention. New features have enriched the drag & drop responsive email editor that the platform offers you to work independently and easily, but with stunning results. Lots of new functions to improve the text experience or create love at first sight, for instance with the introduction of background images.

And many other new features for you using Email Designer such as the possibility to search for templates by tag or name and speed up day-to-day operations.


What happens now? We have already set to work, we have not stopped for a moment. We have planned many innovations to promote a Marketing Cloud that is always at its best, complete to meet every need customers have and to keep up with an ever-changing market, while also trying, why not, to anticipate trends so that you are always ready in your customer engagement activities. Contact us and we will work together to identify the best strategies and activate the most effective campaigns for your results.