Call us and find out why our competitors are talking about us

We’ve seen it with our own eyes, they talk about us, and they do so by mentioning our Marketing Cloud as an alternative to respectable solutions in the global landscape of digital marketing communication technologies. So?

So we are proud, we consider it an acknowledgement. It means that we have hit the mark and that the path we took a few years ago is the right one.

A winning combination of technology and expertise

Marketing Cloud

Many of you will remember, Contactlab comes from more than twenty years’ experience in the world of email marketing, one of the pioneers in the Italian market. Over the years, with the new emerging needs, chatting with our customers, and the advent of new ways and channels for interacting with consumers, we have flanked our multi-channel digital messaging platform with a marketing cloud dedicated to customer engagement with a strong human imprint.

The human imprint is our treasure, our resources. Thanks to the long-standing presence in the market, the skills brought home over time and the ongoing training,  our experts enhance the qualities and functionalities that the marketing cloud can offer your business.

Together we can build unforgettable customer experiences that will allow you to transform your contacts into customers, build loyalty, pamper them and convince them not to abandon you.

What does the Contactlab Marketing Cloud help you to do?

You can talk to your customers, collect their preferences, update them on the latest news, offer them discounts and promotions… you can be found wherever they expect you to be, on all the communication channels they use, you can tell them things they are really interested in, you can even tickle them with disruptive proposals that are always in line with their tastes. In short, you can help your business by creating lasting relationships and you can do it in just 4 steps:

  • Create unique profiles for each contact by integrating all the data coming in from the various touchpoints.
  • Process all the information that consumers sow here and there on a daily basis to find out the level of interest in your email communications, discover behavioral patterns of purchase, predict which customers are at risk of churn and which are loyal.
  • Profile your audiences.
  • Engage them into different customer journeys, designed for each of them, respecting their characteristics, with customised content, timing and communication methods. You can automate your communication activities and focus on other things: the marketing cloud takes care of that.

If that’s not enough, you can find out how your campaigns are going, how much they are affecting your business and decide to continue them, block them or simply modify certain aspects of them to achieve maximum effectiveness and maximum return.

With the certainty that you will never be alone, because behind the Contactlab platform there are people who work every day to ensure that you always have the best technology available and all the strategic support to make it work as you really need it to, for your business and to achieve your objectives.

Don’t go far, we are here, always by your side. Choose us as your fellow adventurers in the magical world of your digital communication for customer engagement. Together we open communication channels with your contacts, we maintain and enhance your customer relationships. Contact us now, we are ready for the challenge, it’s missing only you!