You choose the behavior of your automations each time you suspend and reactivate deliveries – Flow API v.2.28.0-289 UI v.2.45.0 Release

From May, 25th, 2022 a new version of the Marketing Automation of the Contactlab platform will be available, the functionality that allows you to design your customer journeys and activate marketing communication campaigns with content, channels and timing tailored to each individual contact. The release is scheduled from 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm CEST.

What can you do with this release?

alert messageWith a view to optimising dispatch, ensuring maximum efficiency of your automation and improving the operability of both processes and user activities, you can decide whether to remove or keep users within an automation if the status changes from paused to active, if the set condition is no longer valid and there are contacts in the queue waiting.

What this means exactly. Let us suppose that within a flow an email is scheduled to be sent after a one-week check, for example on the opening of an ecommerce page. If the automation was paused between the customer’s online activity and the communication delivery – so let’s say within the week’s wait, and the automation was only re-activated after a month, it would probably no longer make sense to send to the contacts in the queue.

Every time you find yourself re-activating a flow, you see a message in which the platform asks what to do. The question is not asked if there are no queues, i.e. there are no users waiting because they have fulfilled the set condition.

What it means

With this release you can decide how the journey should behave in the situation of a change of status and in the presence of dispatch queues. Choosing how to handle the restarted flow after a pause means:

  • Ensure that the delivery schedule is maintained despite the pause.
  • Always provide relevant content.
  • Maintain the conditions set on automation.
  • Reducing dispatch queues.
  • Maximise sending power and effectiveness.



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