Browse, analyse and find anomalies in your database. Plan Release UI v.1.44.0 & API 1.36.1-2442

From May, 2th, 2022, a new version of the platform segmentation functionality will be available.
The release is scheduled between 2:15 pm and 2:45 pm CEST.


Plan: new tab

What can you do with this release?

Plan: new tab

In the Segments > Audience overview section, a new tab has been added, Fields distribution. Within this area you can view up to 20 of the values assumed by the demographic fields selected and made visible by the platform user for the segment creation phase. The data highlighted are the name in the field as written and the numerosity. If, for example, we consider the Gender field, it will be possible to find Female, Male, M, F, m, f, -null- etc. according to how it has been filled in the compilation phase.



Plan: new tab


For a field to appear, it must be in the Enabled status in the Settings > Segments > Fields Configuration section.

What it means

With this new function, you get maximum visibility of the distribution of values in the database fields and it becomes possible:

  • Immediately view the composition of the database.
  • Perform an initial analysis of the quality of the fields.
  • Identify any anomalies quickly and easily.



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