From first contact to the sale: walk with them along their path

Create and automate communications with all your contacts


To inspire your contacts, you have to interact with them according to their habits and expectations,
then be ready immediately, when there is a dialogue opportunity.
With Contactlab Marketing Cloud, you transform your communication strategies into automated journeys
and quickly react to your contacts’ behavior, using every channel.


Multichannel automation journeys

To individually manage and customize a large number of conversations concurrently, on different channels, is complicated. To manually create individually tailored journeys is almost impossible. Decide upon your communication strategies, automate them using a unique platform and carry out your marketing activities, every time a contact joins the purpose-designed journey. Follow them along their path and enhance your results. Discover Flow.

React to contact behavior in real-time

If your contacts act, your brand should be ready to respond. To automate means to think, anticipate and transform your communication strategies into customized journeys. Reach every customer in the best possible way, at just the right time. Respond to their actions automatically, with tailored messages that are always consistent with their path. Because every activity can contribute to generating value. Discover Flow.

The most effective channel at just the right moment

Readily design automated marketing deliveries and interact with your contacts through multichannel communication activities. Realize planned deliveries using the most appropriate channel, whether it be email, SMS, Push or similar, every time a customer carries out a particular action. Differentiate your activities according to each customer’s behavior, to build strong personal relationships that encourage them to choose you time and time again. Discover Flow.