Pre-configured journeys available in platform for customisable automations – Flow UI release v.2.40.0 & API v.2.26.1-109

From July 6th, 2021, a new version of the marketing automation is available.
The release is planned between 11:00 am and 11:30 am CEST.

What can you do with this release?

You can start from journeys already present in the platform that we have designed for you, to build your own automations. Make as many changes as you like and create new journeys to suit your campaigns and objectives.

Enter the marketing automation area of the platform and access the new Preset section.



You will find four different examples to choose from. Select the automation you want and by clicking the clone button, you will find it immediately available in the Drafts for editing. Open it and start working on it to make it suitable for your target group.



The pre-configured customer journeys you can access are:

  • Recall on a very popular product in a short period to address those of your contacts who repeatedly visit the same product or service on your ecommerce site but do not complete a purchase.
  • Completed order and post purchase survey to thank your customers and ask for their opinion on the product they bought, on their shopping experience, on particular preferences and thus collect information for a personalised follow-up.
  • Abandoned Cart to remind your contacts of the item left in their shopping cart and to keep them interested. Making the most of the moment is important, not letting too much time pass is essential for the purchase to be concluded.
  • Welcome them, perhaps with some further guidance or discount coupons, following their subscription to your newsletter.

What it means

By providing pre-configured templates from which to start, you can save time in the initial design of your flows, free up resources for other valuable activities and reduce the possibility of errors that could impact the operation of the whole route.




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