Selling easier online with ecommerce and marketing clouds always connected

Online consumers leave behind a huge amount of data. Connecting your ecommerce to a marketing platform quickly and easily and enabling data synchronisation is becoming a must for many brands.

Contactlab is able to configure a connector to create a link between the Marketing Cloud to the main ecommerce technologies active on the market, proceed to a quick implementation of the solution and allow marketers to start collecting data for profiling, and for building and activating customised customer journeys.

This automates the exchange of information with no need for special technical skills, reducing management costs and saving all that time that was previously spent on building data flows. Marketers can finally think about strategy and IT departments can sleep soundly.



Some benefits

To offer multi-touchpoint experiences tailored to specific characteristics and needs, consistent and coherent across all communication channels, brands need to know their contacts, and be able to use this information at any point in the individual’s lifecycle.

From a customer-centric perspective, it is necessary to overcome the logic of data silos, but to collect and organise information into unique integrated profiles and be able to share them with all the company systems  so that they are available immediately when they are needed.

Ecommerce is no exception. Constant, real-time dialogue with the marketing cloud brings benefits to both technologies. If on the one hand it allows ecommerce to access all the data necessary to nurture the relationship, offer a tailor-made e-shop, provide customer service that always lives up to expectations and respond to their support requests in the best possible way, on the other hand it returns information that is useful for the personlisation of marketing campaigns and the creation of automations.

In light of the above, we can safely say that the sum of Ecommerce plus Marketing Cloud is definitely greater than the total:

  • You improve conversions.
  • Maximise sales.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Increase the value of your contacts.

Concluding: Ecommerce + Marketing Cloud becomes a must-have

One in four Italians make hybrid purchases. Shopping is becoming more articulated and consumer needs are changing. Physical and digital worlds meet and coexist collaboratively in customers’ shopping paths where retailers open up to the online and the online gains strength and vigour. The store accompanies customers to the virtual shop, and vice versa, this offers integrated and consistent experiences. Online consumers are not there by chance, they decide to be there and in Italy in 2022 online purchases are expected to increase by 14% compared to 2021. The driver of ecommerce is mainly repeat buyers and this confirms what we have repeatedly stated in recent months on different tables, namely that the trend of purchase paths to become progressively more hybrid has not yet reached its peak (Netcomm B2C eCommerce Observatory – School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic).

In this context then, one thing is certain, there is no going back. Brands are coming to terms with new purchasing habits that, while on the one hand require a continuous online presence and are proving to be challenging with investments and major changes in the way of doing business, on the other hand are a source of enormous opportunities.

Integrate the Contactlab platform with your ecommerce, automate processes and accelerate your business.


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