CDP series: A Customer Data Platform you can rely on…

CDP series #1

A new series, just for you

Today, we’ll start with a series of articles that will reveal the heart ❤ of the Marketing Cloud: The Customer Data Platform by Contactlab. A comprehensive set of features that provides all the tools you need to get to know your customers, discover their behavior and communicate with them through tailor-made activities – all while guaranteeing compliance with GDPR legislation.

A platform that results in Contactlab being among the main vendors in Gartner‘s first CDP market guide, and to be the only Italian company recognized by the CDP Institute.


Why a CDP?

A single, 360° view of every customer is the dream of all brands. A single point of unique, individual and integrated profiles, where you can find the whole story – the past, the present and why not? the future – ready to apply immediately.


  • Demographic data.
  • Transactional data related to online and in-store purchases.
  • Website browsing history.
  • Event data such as clicks, downloads, abandoned carts and similar.
  • Data on support requests.
  • Predictive behavioral data.


We hear a lot about it… Data and data management – the basis of customer datais the foundation of successful marketing activities.

By knowing your client in depth, you can build and implement marketing strategies that are personalized, automated and differentiated for each individual customer.

That is why we need a Customer Data Platform… A solution that can:


Ecosystem1. COLLECT DATA and UNIFY PROFILES… Collect data that is distributed on different systems and contact channels, then integrate them in unique, individual profiles, updated in real-time and readily accessible.


2. ENRICH DATA… Enrich profiles with new information that results from elaborating upon actions and habits, predicting future behavior, thanks to algorithms and Machine Learning techniques.


segmentation3. Provide ADVANCED SEGMENTATION… Query all data quickly, without technical skills, to identify dynamic targets and create segments, including historical behavioral data and future forecasts.


activation4. Be ACTIVE… Always make the data available to all the company systems that require it, to optimize the customer journey and make unforgettable experiences live.





Immediate benefits from using a CDP

The benefits derived from the adoption of a CDP are many, different and varied. Not only to those who deal with marketing, but also those who have to make decisions based on data, deploy such technologies, or work with a brand’s IT. But above all, it is your customers who can make the most of the opportunities, and live the experiences that are purpose-built for them.

  • Personalization of the relationships between brands and customers: The most appropriate content, at the most opportune moment, on the preferred channels.
  • Automatic Customer Journeys: Flows that take shape according to the actions taken, following individual paths.
  • Consistency on all channels: A widespread presence, which always meets the expectations of increasingly demanding customers who are used to moving between a variety of contact channels, both online and offline, during the same purchasing process.
  • Data quality: Unique integration keys to avoid unnecessary duplication, activating new marketing initiatives and making strategic decisions at all company levels, in an ever more conscious way.
  • Resources optimization: Availability of information in real-time, reduction of data collection and management costs, simplicity of integration.
  • Data uniformity: Integrated in unique, individual data profiles that are distributed and managed by different company systems as if they were information silos – remote from each other both physically and for the roles that they perform.

And now?

Call us now and discover just what the platform can do for your company.



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