Analytics arrives and your data takes shape

Why analyze data? Because analysis often answers questions not yet asked … and in a world where shoppers are becoming increasingly demanding and looking for unique customer experiences, this is becoming a key success factor for brands.

Assessing data thoroughly enables you to extract hidden value, while truly understanding it reveals results. But above all, it provides key indicators for the future. A future where every day, data will become more and more important for a company. Being able to query it in a structured and speedy way, allowing the data to be readily understood and transformed into actions… activating marketing campaigns as a result, and making effective business decisions across the board.

And it is precisely in this direction that Contactlab has moved in recent months. Now, today, we are making a new platform module available – presenting the latest big news for 2018: Analytics.

Analytics is the Contactlab Marketing Cloud module that allows you to access all data, to explore and use it effectively, while receiving accurate visual representations of vital information in near real-time… enabling you to decide and influence the future of your business in a highly informed way. With Analytics, you can get structured data in pre-configured business views, then examine it with the visualization tool that is closest to your needs.

The data you collect every day has immense value. It tells many stories and allows you to envisage a path for the future. But people require easy, fast access to data, in just the way they need. Data tells us things that are not always easy to see. But now, thanks to Analytics, you can get deep inside the data, to understand it better and use it immediately.

Analytics in action

What kind of data do we mean? With Analytics, you can access all the data you collect during your daily activity, through every communication channel and each contact occasion. Every interaction enables you to learn something more about your customers:

  • Online, on the web, through social media or mobile apps.
  • But don’t forget, for example, in-store visits or phone conversations with Customer Service.

Today, the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform enables you to get to know your contacts even better, by creating unique profiles in which you collect and integrate all the available information… individual customer views that you can enrich with KPIs and forecasts of their behavior. Analytics adds to all this – it gives you access to the vast amounts of data you’ll encounter and allows you to browse and translate it into easily understandable visuals, which are intuitive and quick to read.



What could be worse than not being able to collect customer data? Almost certainly, not being able to analyze and understand it, quickly and easily.

Benefits of adopting Analytics

To briefly summarize the new platform module, you could say that ‘Analytics provides all the data in a structured way, to be able to query it independently, and obtain clear, quick and actionable results, in one place’. That is the new module functionality in a nutshell.

Access all data from a single point.
The whole story of every contact, which can be queried with just a few clicks: Facts, purchase preferences, digital and non-digital habits, KPIs and predictive analysis of behaviors, readily available in profiles that are enriched by processing all the acquired information.

From macro to micro queries.
View the aggregated data, or drill down until you reach the finest details.

Many systems combined in a single visualization tool.
Choose the tool that best suits your needs. Browse and explore the data and discover the relationships that exist: For example, from stock to context data, to sales results analysis.

Guided, simple and fast navigation with the support of blueprints for static and dynamic visualizations.
You can go straight to the heart of the data you need. With the wide range of blueprints that Contactlab provides, you can immediately start browsing to get the answers you are looking for, without investing additional time in creating dashboards and reports.

With Analytics, you make easy to understand data available to anyone who needs it. And understanding data better means more knowledge, increased loyalty, more conversions and enhanced results.

For more details, call Customer Service or get in touch with your usual contact at Contactlab. Better still, request a demo and discover the enormous potential that the platform offers to your business.