Integrate your systems with the Contactlab Marketing Cloud

87% of customers say that when they have personalized online experiences, they are indirectly encouraged to buy more (Forrester, 2019), even if there is no subsequent action by the brands. However, it is the brand’s role to put in all the required energy to indirectly influence and optimize this activity.


As a result, it is important to make sure that your e-commerce dialogs are in real-time, and ensure that the system that you have chosen to collect your customer data and manage your marketing campaigns, consistently enhances your customer relations.


It is time to evolve from the simple management of data, to a thorough knowledge of the information and its meaning – something that really sets your strategy in action. Continuously get to know your contacts increasingly well. Not only their socio-demographic data, but also their habits, preferences and behavior. Collect and store data to make information alive and immediately usable, to best satisfy the customer’s wishes and anticipate their needs. Propose what they are really looking for, even before they realize it or need it.


Your e-commerce site is a valuable source of information about who the customer is and what they do, want, would like or need.
On the other hand, the Contactlab Marketing Cloud is ideal for managing this data, as well as its analysis and use. Because at its heart is a customer data platform, you can integrate everything related to the customer in a single point – making it individual and available in the Marketing Cloud, or any other system that has need to access the information, to better carry out your business.

Having different systems, perhaps even in remote environments – those that were once called silos and apparently not communicating – does not mean that they cannot be made to talk to each other. All that’s needed is to create the required connections, then expand and enhance their functionality to go further than their original purpose, to enhance the results they can achieve.

Connecting or plugging in your e-commerce site to the Marketing Cloud, allows you to extend the functionality of both technologies, resulting in more than the simple addition might imply.
Certainly much, much more than 1 + 1 = 2.

You can offer unique experiences if you truly know your customer. And you can do this by following them on all the contact channels they use, in an integrated way. The customer remains the same, it is just up to you to recognize them – always and everywhere – and capture everything about them, while staying, of course, in compliance with the law.

If you respond to their behavior with activities that have been designed for them in a personalized and timely way – through dynamic journeys in which they are the protagonist, their chosen actions guiding them on the journey they are making with you – the value of your relationship will be enhanced exponentially.

And this applies not only to the relevant e-commerce sites, but to all the systems that in some way have something to do with your customers and are in use in your company.


Always keep the valuable data from your e-commerce site in your customer profiles


e-commerce plug-in

  • Discover your customers in the online world.
  • Offer a tailor-made e-commerce site.
  • Offer customer service that is always up to expectations.
  • Respond in the best possible way to support requests.
  • Personalize the conversations’ messages.
  • Reach your customers at the right moment.
  • Use their preferred communication channels.
  • Address the right people.
  • Make more informed strategic decisions.
  • Increase retention.
  • Reduce the cost of managing relationships with your customers.
  • Invest resources better.
  • Improve the quality of customer experiences.
  • Make your business fly to unexpected levels.
  • Make your customer happy.


Integrate the platform with your systems, automate processes and accelerate your business

Because we and our partners firmly believe in integration, together with the many companies that have already adopted the Marketing Cloud, a wide range of APIs, SDKs, JavaScript and plug-ins are available – allowing you to connect systems in a few simple steps, share and update data, transfer information automatically and commit yourself to your customers. Don’t wait, find out more now.