Another year together has ended and we are ready for 2023!

So many news, so many activities, so many releases, with one common denominator: to invest in the future of our platform so that it continues to be the reference tool for many organizations that wish to invest in the world of digital marketing and take the experiences they offer to customers and their business to the next level.

Let’s take a look together at some of the many projects in 2022 that have helped make the Marketing Cloud even more unique.

Contactlab joins MailUp

We joined the Growens group and created the MailUp+Contactlab Business Unit. In the European market, together we form the most significant Italian company in the marketing technologies area. Digital Messaging, but also Marketing Cloud and Customer Data Platform. We are a team of over 200 experts who have already satisfied more than 10,000 customers worldwide, able now to support you even in your most challenging activities for an unparalleled engagement marketing.

mailup+contactlabCDP included in Quadrant Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™ for the third consecutive year

With a hint of pride we share that our Customer Data Platform has also received international recognition for 2022. The main features identified are: unique customer view and integration in one place of all data from digital and non-digital touchpoints; profiles enrichment with statistics and information including predictive elaboration such as RFM, CLV, email engagement, and customizable algorithms; advanced profiling and segmentation; and availability of data for real-time activation in automations, multichannel campaigns, transactional emails, customer service, etc.

A UI that can change the outcome

We strongly believe that brands can offer their customers an unforgettable customer experience partly through the choice of the right technology. With the support of a comprehensive, intuitive, easy-to-navigate and constantly updated interface, the user experience we promote allows us to design and create digital marketing campaigns capable of establishing and strengthening the relationship with consumers.


graph#3- newUI


The 2022 was a year of major enhancements on the platform interface with focus on continuous improvement and evolution of the working environment. Among the many releases were:

  • The overhaul of the Customer section for quick navigation of the database.
  • The birth of a new area dedicated to KPI Events to explore key performance indicators and access business data.
  • New functionalities for creating and editing customer journeys.
  • The redistribution of elements across pages and an optimization of navigability.

A customer experience based on customers knowledge


ecommerce connector

Web surfers leave behind a huge amount of data. Connecting ecommerce to a digital marketing platform has become a compulsory choice for many brands with a first major benefit: the ability to know in real-time behaviors, habits and preferences told in first person. Think of the great value of knowing which pages of your portal have been visited, which products viewed, the preferred time of online presence, …


You can ensure you are sending the right communications to the right audience, and this is also thanks to new features in the segmentation area. Now for example in case of a plan gone wrong, you can decide whether to target contacts that have already been validated or ask for the extraction to be updated when you reopen it to activate the delivery.

And speaking of email, the inclusion of Google’s invisible recaptcha in your subscription systems gives you the opportunity to keep your reputation high by protecting your forms: you simplify their completion and further prevent subscription bombing attacks or massive sign-ups from non-existent addresses.

Access to the platform facilitated with the External Identity Provider

You no longer need to create additional accounts with specific credentials and permissions to access the platform. To join the Marketing Cloud, your users can use the same credentials able to access your domain resources in a completely transparent way. You thus gain significant benefits especially in terms of simplicity of systems and process management, operational savings, increased authentication security and scalability of the number of users that can be served.

Better sign your emails and push deliverability

The considerable increase in domain spoofing, phishing, and spear phishing are increasingly forcing companies to equip themselves with email authentication systems to ensure the best delivery rates, a high reputation, and being able to pass spam filters.

We then took action to allow you to manage on a single account, customized DKIMs on a domain basis, ensuring their alignment with your sender domains. You can use different domains for different newsletters such as product mailings or commercial communications, and still be DMARC compliant and ensure maximum deliverability.

In addition, you can set up 2048-bit keys for your account reaching high levels of security compared to standards and all at no additional cost.



Always ready to talk to your customers thanks to Marketing Automation

Take every contact opportunity to promote your offer, fulfill requests, support customers throughout their lifecycle. Generate new interest and increase conversions while reducing time and costs. With the Marketing Cloud you can do this and more. Now you can choose the behavior of your automations each time you suspend and reactivate deliveries, and select which enrollment system should record the unsubscribe event in case one of your contacts requests it. By combining Marketing Automation and highly qualified data, you create highly personalized customer experiences tailored to individual profiles with relevant communications sent at the best time and on the preferred channel.

Capture attention at the first shot with impactful emails

We said: right target, right channel, best time, message customization… but the eye wants its part too and so we have enriched Email Designer, the drag & drop responsive email editor that the platform offers you to work autonomously and in simplicity, but with amazing results. Lots of new features to improve the text experience and grab recipients’ attention with background images in emails. Improved mobile viewing of communications that also goes through optimization of email design, and many other new features for you such as the ability to search templates by tag or name and speed up daily operations. Or discover with A/B testing which communication works best with your audience, using templates created with Email Designer.


ed Aug


So, we have already planned many innovations for the Marketing Cloud that is always at its best, complete to meet every need, keeping up with an ever-changing market and also trying to anticipate future trends. Our desire is to stand by your side and offer you a truly exceptional tool for customer engagement activities. Contact us and we will work together to identify the best strategies and activate the most effective campaigns for your results.