No panic, count on the platform! – Plan Release UI v.1.32.0 & API v.1.36.0-1947

Segment: plans listFrom January 18th, 2021 a new version of Plan will be released. This is the platform feature that allows you to create the best targets for your campaigns and customer journeys and set single or recurring plans. The release is scheduled between 2.15 pm and 2.45 pm CET.

What can you do with this release?

Segment: plan detailsThe journey towards an increasingly intuitive and user-friendly interface continues, even when you run into little snags. We are talking about the error messages. We have worked on the visualisation, optimising the content. You will be notified with the real reasons so that you can find the best solution on the fly and continue to manage your plans and campaigns.

What it means

With this release, you won’t be alone even in times of minor difficulties. More intuitive messages will help you not waste valuable time and continue to build your audiences so that your deliveries and customer journeys offer innovative and compelling customer experiences and your business takes off. All in simplicity and in seconds.    


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