Refine your segments with new digital events – Plan UI v.1.33.0 & API v.1.36.0-1976 Release

Refining the audience of your campaigns – i.e. the recipients of your initiatives – allows you to select and identify contacts and group them more and more into clusters based on common characteristics or behavior. This gives you the opportunity to target them with tailored messages and design contact plans based on their experience and habits.

More targeted communication supports the relationship with your contacts over time, creating value in every contact opportunity.

What can you do with this release?

ReleaseThe data you can use to create your segments is increasing. With the introduction of the new rule Other digital events, you can collect events recorded on external systems into the platform and use this information to build up your audience, whether it be for single delivery or more complex customer journeys.

For example, you can integrate all feedbacks from push campaigns promoted externally to the Marketing Cloud into your unique customer profile.

Select the rule – Other digital events, define the event – campaign opened, choose the channel – push, and you’re done.

What it means

With this release you have more information to choose from in order to build your target audience and deliver your messages to the right contacts. In this way you can capture the attention of your target audience, raise their interest, hope for their reaction and achieve your goals.

Do you want to create an effective customer journey for your consumers? Contact us now, we will understand together your needs and build unique experiences with guaranteed success.



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