Clear and understandable data, good friends

Visualize data and use it for your business


The quantity and diversity of available data means a considerable amount of synthesis work is needed,
to be able to understand and use the resultant information.
With Contactlab Marketing Cloud, you can translate your data into visuals that can be understood by everyone in the company,
and readily be made available for decision making.


The right information at just the right moment

And as intuitive and understandable as possible. But what does that mean precisely?
Certainly, increased revenue, effectiveness and efficiency. An accurate, fast and readily accessible representation of data allows brands to have valuable information available for decision making. Data can be used to identify the most effective activities in real-time, enable customer behavior and preferences to be recognized, and optimize marketing processes. Discover Analytics.

Static and dynamic reports

Data analysis tools should be made easily and immediately accessible to those who need them, regardless of their position in the company. Static dashboards and reports, which display customer insights and characteristics at a glance, need to also enable users to independently question the database and retrieve clear and actionable responses. Discover Analytics.

Business analysis: Descriptive, diagnostic and predictive

Easy and quick data access is key to understanding past and current environments, as well as future scenario predictions. A data visualization system that offers a complete and accurate view of marketing activity and customer information, encourages and facilitates incisive decisions and tangible results. Discover Analytics.