Clear and understandable data, good friends

Visualize data and use it for your business


To be able to understand and use the huge and disparate range of data that brands have,
a great deal of work is needed to synthesize all the information and make it accessible in a timely manner.
Contactlab Marketing Cloud collects and processes all the data and makes it readily available to brands,
enabling it to be interpreted and immediately translated into readily understandable graphics,
which are easy to communicate and quickly accessible for decision making activities.


The right information at just the right moment

And as intuitive and understandable as possible. But what does that mean exactly?
Certainly, increased revenue, effectiveness and efficiency. An accurate, fast and readily accessible representation of data enables brands to have valuable information available for decision making. Data can be used to identify the most effective activities in real-time, allow customer behavior and preferences to be recognized, and optimize marketing processes. Discover Analytics.


A goal for data analysis tools is to make them readily and quickly accessible to those who need them, at any company level. Tools need to be available to create timely reports and dashboards that show KPIs and customer characteristics at a glance, as well as providing the ability to independently query the database and obtain clear and actionable results. Discover Analytics.

Business analysis: Descriptive, diagnostic and predictive

Easy and quick data access is key to understanding past and current situations, as well as future scenario predictions. Combined with a data visualization system, it offers a complete and accurate view of marketing activity and customer information, encouraging and facilitating incisive decisions and tangible results. Discover Analytics.