News around Email Designer: background images for your emails

You can now take advantage of a new feature in the Email Designer, the platform email editor, which further increases your control over content layering and email design.

What can you do with this release?


With a few quick clicks, you can insert background images from the settings side menu into your templates, apply effects and make your emails even more unique.


image background


Images can be retrieved with a link from an external file or uploaded from the File Manager and you can choose how to position and align them. By default, the image is used at its original resolution and does not scale to fit the display. To improve the display, you can:

  • Fit to the entire background: with this option active, the image is resized to fit the background size of the template.
  • Centre: if you choose this option, the image is positioned in the centre.
  • Repeat: when selected, this option repeats the image over the entire background several times in vertical space.

We have also redesigned the Background Image Row property by replacing the Full Width box with Fit to Background, and inserted buttons that allow you to fit the image to the row or blocks of content.

What does this mean?

Being able to rely on the use of images as backgrounds in your email templates gives you some important advantages including:

  • More choice in the arrangement of components, placing content on top of images to highlight certain parts and give them prominence such as CTA buttons or parts of the text.
  • Ensure maximum readability of texts even when mail clients or browsers do not optimise the display of images, thanks to the separation of the text component.


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