Let’s simplify the captcha, make it invisible and protect your forms.

How to design your forms safely? The Contactlab platform already offer the possibility of using a captcha to control subscriptions, for example to your newsletters, from illegitimate activities. The feature is always active and available when creating a form on the platform.

In order to prevent subscription bombing attacks or mass subscriptions from non-existent addresses that could compromise your brand reputation, it is essential that subscription forms always include a captcha.

What can you do with this release?

From April, 20th, 2022, a new feature will be available that introduces support and mandatory inclusion of Google’s invisible recaptcha in new subscription forms. With this release, you immediately achieve two important goals: you simplify form filling by end users, and you further strengthen security in the use of the Contactlab platform.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, forms are automatically protected with a captcha and no interaction with the end user is required. Only if the system considers that the form is not being filled in by a person, the test will appear as we have been used to seeing it until now.

With the invisible captcha, your contacts do not have to prove that they are not a robot. They do not have to recognise any combinations of letters and numbers or select images containing traffic lights, hills or cars.




You can be sure that the invisible captcha has been entered because the universal image confirming its presence appears at the bottom right.

What to do if you are a Contactlab user

Are you a Contactlab user? Find out what happens to the active forms. The invisible captcha appears by default on new forms.

  1. Do you use standard forms that already use a captcha?
    The invisible captcha is automatically active on both active and new forms you create.
  2. Do you use standard forms that don’t use a captcha but you want to add one?
    Go to your form and enter the captcha. You will benefit from the invisible captcha immediately.
  3. Have you customised your form and use a captcha?
    Update your form with a new snippet from Send to introduce the invisible captcha.
  4. Have you customized your form, don’t use the captcha and want to add it?
    Ask one of our experts to help you configure the invisible captcha.


The importance of not stopping at double opt-in but securing more sophisticated protection systems has been repeatedly stressed. Despite this, many brands still fail to take the necessary precautions. Often the captcha is seen as a disruptive element within the email and can even deter subscribers.

We therefore decided to take action with this release to:

  • Simplify the interaction with your contacts by offering a more immediate experience and allowing you to complete the subscription with the invisible captcha by filling in as few fields as possible.
  • Improve the display of your content by eliminating the space dedicated to the captcha, considered by discerning brands to be unattractive and out of harmony with the rest of the components.
  • Keep your brand reputation high with forms that are always secure and adhere to best practice.

Nowadays email is one of the most important channels of digital communication and we are increasingly faced with list bombing phenomena that have a significant impact on the activities of brands. We have chosen to bring this issue to the forefront by offering a tool for managing campaigns in the best possible way, avoiding criticalities and ensuring that all emails always reach their intended recipients on time.