The personalization of your marketing campaigns also passes through Contactlab Marketing Cloud

A personalized communication activity immediately brings at least two clear and significant benefits:

  • It allows the brand to speak better and more effectively with its consumers improving the customer experience.
  • It prevents customers from being targeted with generic messages, thus increasing interest in the brand and increasing profits.

So there is every reason to consider customization as one of the keys to successful customer relationships and, consequently, to business.

What does personalization mean?

  • Choose the target.
  • Create customized content.
  • Discover the preferred contact channel.
  • Communicate at the right time.
  • Draw customer journey for each individual profile.

The collection and the management of all contact information and the adoption of a valid engagement marketing technology – together with the support of consultants able to accompany the brand throughout the duration of the entire relationship with its customers – allow together to achieve levels of personalization to create moments of tailored digital interaction, and not only with customers but also with those who have what it takes to become one soon.

What the Contactlab Marketing Cloud offers

Unique Customer Profile Audience segmentation

A dynamic profiling of your contacts allows you to refine your targets in real time and on the basis of data you have collected or processed, available always updated: demographic, behavioral, predictive. Integrate all your data sources, create unique profiles and segment your audience.

Advanced Segmentation Optimal timing
Communicate exactly when the contact is ready to listen to you. In the customer journeys, in the plans, in the service communications or in the bulk deliveries, you choose when it’s the best time to interact with your customers according to best practices or following habits and preferences.
Content Personalization Content creation
A drag & drop email editor easy to use and with the opportunity to check the effectiveness of what you have created thanks to A/B test. Availability of a series of templates ready to use or modify according to your needs and for maximum customization of the structure and components of your email.
Customer Journey Personal customer journey

Orchestrate target, conditions, content, channels, timing and pauses. Create automations to make your contacts live unique experiences.

Multichannel Multi-channel

Discover which channels your customers use. Track how they move online and offline and where their data comes from, which platforms or applications they use most. Build contact plans that reach them where they are. Eye-catching emails, multilingual and unlimited text messages, Facebook retargeting and more like push notifications, thanks to webhook.


And it doesn’t end there. Don’t hesitate, contact us. Personalize every single relationship as if it were unique, your contacts will understand that you take care of them. Take the opportunity to give them unforgettable experiences and turn them into satisfied customers.