Give Angela
what she expects

Anticipate, surprise and engage your contacts
with tailored content


Today, you can know your contacts extremely well… Who they are, where they live, what they do and what their preferences are. You have all the information you need to engage with them on a one-to-one basis, using content they are truly interested in. And you can do it with specifically tailored messages that are sent over their favorite channels, to boost results. Send is the Contactlab Marketing Cloud module that helps you to independently create, manage and send multichannel and highly tailored communications easily, quickly and readily.

  • Multiple customizations

    More customization levels mean you can maximize your ROI. You can easily differentiate between one-to-many and one-to-one conversations, then tailor content according to the individual contact information you have readily available, such as demographics, purchase habits, online behavior, engagement levels and similar details. From mass deliveries to transactional emails, you can use advanced customization levels to achieve improved results in a shorter time, with lower costs.
  • Ease of use

    A simple and intuitive UI that helps you independently manage all the necessary operations. Configure your targets, select the channel and create your deliveries by defining the content, subject and other parameters, using the new PageBuilder editor. Then check and verify the delivery’s effectiveness, with concrete data.
  • From template to delivery

    Design custom emails with PageBuilder, the Send template editor that enables you to create engaging and differentiated communications. Today, you can plan emails and landing pages that are based on responsive-design HTML templates, which display correctly on many different devices. You can create your messages in a few seconds, thanks to the drag & drop functionality, upload videos and dynamic content, and preview the layout in real-time, before the actual delivery.
  • Multichannel

    Multichannel deliveries with just one click. You communicate over different channels from a unique and highly flexible interface, employing the full benefits of each method… Email, SMS, push notifications and social media. You can reach your contacts wherever they are and in accordance with their preferences, using communications that are suitable for every device.
  • Best deliverability

    Highly reliable deliveries ensure that your communications are best placed to reach their targets. And access to free deliverability assessment tools means that you can, over time, determine whether your email delivery performance might be improved, and if so, how it can be done.
  • Powerful security and data protection

    Differentiated access permissions are applied to every user. Data security starts with the initial authorization and authentication steps, while enabling granular and custom access permission management for every user.
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