The best for the Marketing Cloud in 2019

2019 has just ended, and it’s time to look at the results. We’ve tried very hard to select the platform’s key innovations, but there have been so many releases and awards, it’s not been a simple choice. Let’s look at an arbitrary selection together.

By the way, if you too want to immediately take advantage of all this and much more, why not contact us and we will explore together how technology and Contactlab experts can be the key to success for your business!


A strengthened identity, with a new design system

TopTen Design Recognizability, identity and consistency are all words that have guided the redesign of the platform. The visual appearance is part of good communication and is an extremely important variable. After all, the design is the first thing the user interacts with, when accessing the platform. Seeing any screen, they must immediately recognize it, associate it with the brand and understand it. As a result, we have worked hard to strengthen the concept of a unique identity, which is clear and common to every element used.


A new UI, focused on usability

Analysts assert that four out of five users are not satisfied with the experience that brands offer them. But our goal is to give customers the best possible interaction experience while using the platform. As a result, the new Marketing Cloud interface was born. A unique and mobile-responsive work environment, which improves integration between the various functions, and facilitates navigation with a simple-to-use sidebar menu.


More flexibly organized data, to create the best possible customer view, ready for marketing activities

TopTen CDP

At the heart of the Marketing Cloud is what Gartner calls a Customer Data Platform. A technology that is capable of enabling brands to integrate contact data from different channels, into unique and individual profiles based on the brand’s needs. Demographic, behavioral and predictive data that produces a single 360​​° view of each customer, which is ready to be elaborate, analyze and activate – even when teams independently manage distinct or separate customer bases. And the arrival of the aggregate node allows you to overcome data silos and create even more personalized campaigns, with precise timelines and effective targeting.


It is no longer enough to read the data, you need to analyze and correlate it

TopTen Analysis&ReportsOften, data tells you stories that you can’t see at first sight. We need to explore and correlate it to discover new meanings and information… to know your customers better, monitor campaigns more closely and improve the results, and make increasingly accurate strategic decisions. For example, you can find out which activity has most influenced your business, or which segment has performed better. You can even rely on our data intelligence experts to help you understand how to transform your data into unexpected and very meaningful information.


Creating emails has become child’s play with Email Designer

The platform has been enhanced with a new editor for creating emails, which is even more intuitive and quick… and now it’s available to all platform users completely free. You can begin from one of the templates in the library, or start from scratch. You can share templates across your brands and use them in your plans, or customer journeys. You can do everything by yourself or take advantage of our experts. The key word is simplicity. Access Send and start designing mobile ready responsive-designed templates, taking full advantage of all the simplicity that drag & drop offers.

TopTen: ED

Intense customer journey customization: Multichannel, in real-time, using individual content. In a nutshell: One-to-One

TopTen: Marketing AutomationThe key to success with customer engagement, is the unforgettable experience that can be achieved, thanks to increasingly contextual and personal marketing activities. Relying on in-depth knowledge of each contact, Contactlab Marketing Automation allows you to orchestrate individual journey steps in a simple and speedy way. Decide who to address, on which channel and how, for example, to customize dynamic fields, then enrich their profile with new information, gathered during your trip together.


Integrate your systems with the Marketing Cloud, in a few clicks

TopTen integrazioni

Managing customer data in different environments, does not mean they cannot be encouraged to talk to each other. Thanks to APIs, SDKs and plug-ins, you can easily and quickly connect your systems with the Marketing Cloud and, as a result, enhance the features of both technologies.


And 2020 will be even more electrifying!

We have many news for the year that has just begun. We know that the real challenge for brands is to communicate with their customers in a truly personalized way. Follow them on all channels without compromising their experience, collect the mountain of information about their behavior and preferences, in real-time and make them actionable for building trusted and long-lasting relationships. Contactlab can be by your side with a combination of technology and services that can make a difference in customer engagement! Contact us now.