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What’s next: A re-energized interface, purpose-designed to enhance user experience


To ensure that we stay one step ahead of your future needs, the Contactlab Marketing Cloud will soon be available through a new user interface. A tailor-made workplace that both complements the integration of a wealth of features and enables you to move from one module to another while using the same view. ...

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Differentiate your contacts’ journeys when important data is added to their profile


Choose to branch a contact’s journey according to a triggering event, or the demographic properties in their individual profile. All the demographic data you have collected in customer profiles as a result of your communication activities through each of the integrated channels, can be used to manage your relationships, improve customer experiences and progressively increase their participation in your marketing campaigns. ...


Thank customers for their purchases, automatically promote your range, and gather more details about their interests


Your customers have responded well to your latest promotion, buying products from your new range as a result, but where to now? Learn how to easily build multi-option journeys, to reach each customer with messages tailored to their interests, through their preferred channels. The flexibility of the Flow module makes this possible. ...