Create your targets based on your surveys – Plan UI v.1.40.0 & API v.1.36.1-2241 Release

From October, 24th, 2021 a new version of the platform segmentation functionality will be available
The release is planned from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm CEST.

What can you do with this release?



The fields you can use to create and refine your audiences have been expanded. This release introduces a new rule for segmenting on the basis of the data you obtain from surveys to your contacts, whether they are customers or prospects.

You can send surveys, publish them on your ecommerce or even collect the thoughts of your customers directly in store, maybe with the support of one of your salespeople or through totems, and thanks to a few simple questions about the quality of the relationship with the brand or the satisfaction of the service, you are able to direct your marketing actions and improve the customer experience, increasing engagement, the return on investment and your revenue.

You can listen to your customers and on the basis of their ratings summarised in KPIs, design customer journeys or trigger campaigns.

For example, you can thank them for providing you with feedbacks and basing on the Completed Survey data, send them a discount coupon as soon as they submit their answers. Or you may decide to design an automation that takes into account one or more of the data captured in the responses.

What it means

First of all, a demonstration of great attention towards customers. Secondly, a further improvement of the customer experience. Not only personal and behavioral data to create your targets, but also their ideas and thoughts translated into actionable data. Start with your customers to personalise your relationship with them and make it last.




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