Just GDPR compliance, or a new opportunity for your business?

Choose the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform and enhance your customer experience


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), regarding the protection of an individual’s personal data, came into force on May 25th, 2018. It is applicable to data relating to the residents of all European Union countries and is pertinent to every organization that collects personal information, regardless of their location. Non-compliance with the GDPR can result in very significant penalties.

Contactlab provides a platform that offers brands the functionality they will need during their compliance journey, if used appropriately.

While the GDPR introduces stringent requirements that guarantee an individual’s right to privacy and regulate the use of their data, it also brings a company significant opportunities. For example, it enables you to enhance your customers’ brand experiences and perceptions, increasing the value of individual relationships as a result.

Contactlab ensures its own compliance and, thanks to the Contactlab Marketing Cloud, we are able to provide resources and services to our clients, to help them comply with the GDPR requirements that are applicable to their activities.

  • Consent collection and management

    Use the platform to collect interested party consents, as and when they accept the processing of their personal information, including the registration of any permissions to use the data for more than one purpose, if applicable.
  • Data processing operations history

    Keep track of all consent registrations, modifications and cancellations, with simple access to a full history of individual operations and the details of each request.
  • Data access and portability

    Readily accessible data, every time you need it, with personal details in a structured and easily readable format. Simple transfer of, for example, contact data to a third party, through a file or the API.
  • Comprehensive rights management

    Interested parties can rest assured that their legal rights, such as knowing what data is used in the platform, together with their ability to limit its use or ask for its removal, are readily available to them. As a result, you can satisfy any requests that you may receive.
  • Physical data protection

    Contactlab has always ensured that all the necessary technical and organizational measures are in place to protect personal data with the appropriate levels of security and confidentiality, safeguarding its integrity and preventing unauthorized access or use.
  • New roles

    Reassure your contacts by applying highly effective and strong security standards, especially with regard to consent management and respecting rights, using a platform that encompasses the new roles the GDPR provides for, including the appropriate and necessary authorizations.
  • Privacy by Design

    Be confident in the support our GDPR compliance and management tools provide – conceived and designed from the outset to implement high levels of personal data protection.
  • The availability of APIs and the reliability of a purpose-designed platform

    Easily and safely manage data through either a UI or APIs, with changes made and applied in real-time. Choose a platform that effectively handles all data protection aspects, and readily updates each module or application with the latest new consent registrations or changes, as they take place.