New UI to increase efficiency and productivity and reduce time and costs – Marketing Cloud v.8.8.0 Release

As of March, 14th, 2023, a new version of the platform is available.
The release is scheduled from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm CEST.

What can you do with this release?

A well-designed and functional interface can improve the experience of our users, make the platform easier to use, and increase your productivity. This is also part of our journey towards a simplified interface, with a carefully crafted design that is lightweight and where you can quickly find what you are looking for.

With this release, we offer you a new, streamlined navigation that allows you to get straight to the point:

  • The Plan area has been moved within the Segments area, requiring a review of the nevigation submenu to make it more readable.
  • The Logs and Errors section in Segments has been renamed to Monitor and becomes the page where you can monitor the status of your uploads to verify their outcome.
  • To view the list of plans ended in error, you need to access Segments > Plans List. Here, you can also access the details of each individual delivery.
  • To set up email notification alerts, the point to consult remains Settings > Alert Configuration.



What does this mean?

Improving software interface remains a topic of fundamental importance, but one that is still too often underestimated. It is the point of contact between the user and the software and therefore a central theme of our commitment to the platform, to you, and to your business. The watchwords of our UI are usability, efficiency, consistency, simplicity, in two words user experience.