An interface that focuses on usability… out with modules, IN with sections

Just a few days ago, we introduced the latest version of the new Marketing Cloud UI. But rest assured, work has not stopped and will continue throughout the Christmas period!

To welcome in the new year, Contactlab will introduce several new features that will make the platform a truly enhanced and unique experience. And since we can’t wait, here’s a preview.

The usability interface

One reason we decided to rethink the design of the Marketing Cloud, is to make the navigation between various modules easier. The first version of the new interface – the one you are using now – has already moved in this direction, standing out through several important elements, which make it very intuitive and particularly easy to use:

  • A sidebar menu that is always available, making sure there is no need to open new windows.
  • A company that follows the user, enabling you to jump from one module to another, while continuing to use the same company.
  • Optimized for use on tablets, dynamically adapting its components to different formats – making it easier to manage campaigns, even while you are on the move.
  • An environment dedicated to you, with a single point of reference to manage your account.
  • Supporting messages in a fresh and modern graphic style, to guide you through your journey in the cloud.
  • The settings of all modules in one place.

A lot of ingredients that already make the interface something special. And the next releases will continue to have a huge impact on your browsing experience within the platform. An evolution that will promote the Marketing Cloud to even higher levels, with enormous benefits for those like you, who use it every day.

Out with modules, in with sections

How do we make something that is already intuitive even more so? By deciding to change the navigation menu and replace the names of the modules with something more immediate – something that recalls what they actually allow you to do.

UI - new releaseAnd that’s how we came up with the sections:

  • Customers: To learn more about your customer base and any changes, as well as new and removed profiles… right down to the details of each individual contact.
  • Algorithms: To discover the KPIs and behavioral forecasts that enrich your contact profiles.
  • Segments: To go deeper and create audiences for your campaigns that promote a one-to-one, individual and personalized relationship with your customers.
  • Plans: To optimally manage and send your communications, in exactly the same place that you create your target audience.
  • Automations: To build automated flows that follow your customers on their journey with your brand, in real-time.

You’ll always have everything you a looking for about your company’s activities, in one place  – easily accessible and even easier to use.

If you already use some modules of the Marketing Cloud, but still haven’t accessed the new interface, don’t wait any longer. Contact us, and together, we will make it possible for you.