Relative date

Relative date input fields are only used for attributes that have a date data type.


The UI displays a box where either a numeric value can be typed in, or it can be selected by using the up or down arrows provided, together with a selectable drop-down list of the available time periods. Do the following:

  1. Enter the appropriate number in the first box.
    Negative numbers are used for earlier dates, while a positive number indicates a date in the future.
  2. Select the appropriate time period from the drop-down list.
    For example, days, weeks, months or years.

Date-based input fields allow either:

  • An absolute date to be chosen, using the Calendar input field.
  • A relative date to be selected.

Click the opposing horizontal arrows icon, to the right of the calendar or relative date field, to change to the other field type. See UI icons for a description of each icon displayed in the UI.



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