Viewing DND policies

Example of the Do Not Disturb policy management page

To access the DND policy management page and view all currently available policies:

  1. Click the Settings tab, in the Control bar.
    The Segmentation settings page displays.
  2. Click the Do Not Disturb Policy tab.
    The Do Not Disturb policy page displays.

See Getting started, navigating the UI and signing out for more about UI page views and icons.

Do Not Disturb policy page

The Do Not Disturb policy page includes a table that is sorted in date order, starting with the oldest entry. It displays the DND policy names and their creation date.

If a policy is set as the default, the appropriate radio button, to the left of the table, is highlighted. If a policy is global, the appropriate slider, to the right of the table, appears green.

See Managing Do Not Disturb policy settings for more about global DND policies.

Viewing a DND policy

To view a DND policy:

  • Click the appropriate name in the table.
    The Edit DND policy page displays, with the relevant details.

Ensure that you do not click the radio button in the Default column.



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