Segments cards view

Example of the Segments cards view

The Segments cards view displays each available segment as an individual card, which includes the segment name, the creation date and time, the creator and the total number of available contacts.

Sorting the cards

The cards are sorted in the order that has been applied to the Segment list view. If you want the cards to be sorted in a different order:

  1. Click the List view icon and, for example, click the double-headed arrow to the right of the Created on column.
  2. Click the Cards icon.The cards are sorted according to their creation date and time.

If you navigate away from the Segments tab and then return, the Segments list view is displayed again.

Total contacts

To display the current total number of available contacts for a segment:

  • Click the circular Reload icon, positioned towards the bottom of the relevant card.The current total displays after a short delay, while the system applies the rules to the relevant database.

See Getting started, navigating the UI and signing out for more about UI page views and icons.

Viewing the details of a segment

Click the relevant segment name to display its details in the Edit segment page. See Segment details for more about the information that is displayed on an individual segment page.



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