Calendar input fields are only used for attributes that have a date data type.

A graphical calendar widget is provided that is used to select the required date.


The UI displays an editable text box containing the text DD/MM/YYYY. Do one of the following:

  1. Click the text box to display the calendar widget.
    The widget shows one month at a time and opens at the current month.
  2. Scroll the calendar forwards or backwards using the arrows provided, until the relevant month is displayed.
  3. Click the appropriate date in the calendar panel.
    The calendar widget closes and the selected date is displayed in the text box.


  1. Type the desired date in the text box, using the DD/MM/YYYY format.

Date-based input fields allow either:

  • An absolute date to be chosen, using the calendar widget.
  • A relative date to be selected, such as one week ago, or two months in the future.

Click the opposing horizontal arrows icon, to the right of the calendar or relative date field, to change to the other field type. See UI icons for a description of each icon displayed in the UI.



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