Time frame conditions

Behavioral data can also be referred to as events or actions, because each item of data occurs at a precise moment in time. When creating or editing an event rule, meaning a rule that is applied to behavioral data, you can choose whether the applicable conditions are applied to:

  • All the events, regardless of when they occurred.
  • Only those events that happened in a given time frame.

This is know as a time frame condition.

A time frame condition can be:

  • Anytime
    All events are taken into account.
  • In the date range
    Only events that occurred after a given date, before a given date, or between two dates are taken into account.
  • In the last
    Only events that occurred in the last N days, weeks, or months are taken into account.

Time frame conditions cannot be applied to demographic rules, as the data is not made up of events.



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