Adding a new segmentation rule

To add a new rule, see Creating a segment rule, then:

  1. If you want to add a custom rule to the segment, see one of the following:

and follow the instructions to add a rule for that category.

When the rule is created:

  • You are returned to the Edit segment page.
  • The rule is added to the Rule list area of the Summary panel, which is displayed to the right of the Edit segment page.
    See Segment Summary panel for more about the Summary panel.
  1. Correlate the new rule with the previous rule, if available and required.
    See Creating a segment by correlating rules for more details.
  2. Check the interaction conditions between the rules and change as required, to ensure that they are valid for the existing rule/s and the new rule.
    See Modifying the interaction condition between segmentation rules and Segment Summary panel for more about interaction conditions
  3. Create other rules, or carry out other edit actions as required.
    See Editing a segment for other editing options.

If you do not click Save once you have finished editing the segment, all edits are discarded and the segment remains unchanged.



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