UI normal view

The UI normal view

The normal view displays the UI as it is generally intended to be used, with all controls and tabs readily available.

It includes:

  • The Control bar, including:
    • The Contactplan logo.
      • Click at any time, to return to the start page.
    • The Dashboard, Plans, Segments, ReportsSettings and Logs tabs.
      • Click the appropriate tab to navigate to the required management page.
        The Plans management page is the default.
    • The User information panel.
      Displays the name of the current user and the database that is being used.

  • The appropriate management page.
    • Selected using the tabs on the Control bar.

See UI icons for a description of each icon displayed in the UI.

UI compact view

When the browser window is not wide enough for the UI normal view, the UI compact view displays.



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