Time zones & week settings

The Time zones & week local settings page

The Time zones & week local settings enable you to set the first day of the week and the time zone that is applied locally by Contactplan.

To access the Time zones & week local settings page and view the current settings:

  1. Click the Settings tab, in the Control bar.
    The segmentation Field settings page displays by default.
  2. Click the Time zones & week tab.
    The Time zones & week local settings page displays.

Changing time zones & week settings

To change the first day of the week, or the time zone, do the following:

  1. Click the downwards pointing arrow to the right of the box next to the First day of the week or the Time zone field, and select the appropriate entry from the drop-down list.
    For example, Sunday or UTC +03.
  2. Click Update.

The local settings are updated accordingly and applied automatically when you use other Contactplan UI pages.



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