Managing segments

The filter that is used to identify a Segment from the selected database of potential contacts, is defined by creating and applying one or more rules. Four distinct types of rule are available:

  • Demographic rules.
    For example, age, location, gender and similar.
  • Digital message-related rules.
    For example, rules that identify when a link has been clicked, a message has been opened and similar.
  • Purchase-related rules.
    For example, rules that identify when purchases have been made at a chosen location, are over a particular value, or are within a defined time frame and similar.
  • Insight-related rules.
    Rules that are based on algorithms that have been activated and applied using Contactdata.
    See the Contactdata User Guide for more details.

Regardless of the rule type, however, they can only provide usable segmentation, if the relevant data is available in the database. Contactplan can only apply rules to the data that exists.

See Understanding segmentation for more about segments, and the Contactplan Product Overview for a detailed description of rules, filters and query types.

Using the segmentation section

This section of the guide contains all of the information that you need to be able to create, manage, change or delete Contactplan segments. It includes the following topics:

See Using data types, input fields and operators for more about the fields and operators that are available in the UI.



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