Example of creating a new plan

To create a one shot draft plan from the Plans list view, using:

  • A segment called Yellow_shoes_London_Example.
  • One message per day DND policy.
  • The Create Mail Delivery in Send consumer.

Do the following:

  1. Click the Plans tab, if not already selected.
    The My plans page displays.
  2. Click Create new plan.
    The New plan page displays.
  3. Select the system generated name and enter one of your choice.
  4. In the When panel:
    1. Ensure that the One shot tab is selected.
    2. Under Date and time, click the first box and use the Calendar widget to select a date, then enter the time of the delivery.
    3. Under Time zone, click the downwards pointing arrow to the right of the box, and select the appropriate time zone, if it needs to be changed.
  5. In the Who panel:
    1. Under Segment, click the downwards pointing arrow to the right of the box, and select Yellow_shoes_London_Example.
    2. Under DND policy, click the downwards pointing arrow to the right of the box, and select One message per day.

The total contacts field displays the number of contacts that the plan currently includes, after applying the segment and the DND policy.

  1. In the Action panel:
    1. Under Consumer, select Create Mail Delivery in Send.
    2. Click Create, positioned to the right of Delivery.
      A new delivery template page displays.
    3. Under Basic information:
      1. Select the system generated name to the right of the Delivery name box, and enter one of your choice.
      2. Click the downwards pointing arrow to the right of the Mail group box, and select the appropriate Contactsend mail group from the drop-down list.
      3. Click Next.
    4. Under Delivery information, enter the appropriate delivery details and click Next.
    5. Under Message body, do one of the following to add your message to the delivery:
      1. If you have used PageBuilder to create your message:
        1. Click From PageBuilder.
          The available PageBuilder folders display.
        2. Click the PageBuilder folder that contains your message.
          The names of the individual HTML files display.
        3. Locate and click the required HTML message.
          The message is imported into the appropriate box on the HTML tab, as described below.
      2. If you want to use Email Designer to create your message:
        1. Click From Email Designer, followed by Use Email Designer.
          The Email Designer Templates page displays.
        2. Click Start from scratch, if you want to create a new template.
        3. Select the template you want to use as the basis for your email, from the appropriate repository.
        4. Continue to create your email.
          See the Send guide for full details about how to use Email Designer.
        5. When you are finished, save your work as a template.
          Any template you create is saved in the My Templates repository.
        6. Reopen the saved template in Email Designer, and click Export HTML.
          The relevant HTML displays in the HTML tab.
          You can click Export HTML without first saving your work, but this is not recommended, as it will no longer be available for any further editing later.
      3. If you have used a different method to create your message:
        1. Click HTML.
        2. Copy and paste your message into the box provided.
          This box is only a receptacle for your HTML and is not an editor. Use an HTML editor of your choice to create your message body.
    6. On the HTML tab, under Alternative text, enter the alternative text for the delivery into the box, or click Get text from HTML.
    7. Click Preview to view your message as it will be sent, if required.
    8. Click Labels and enter the appropriate label Key and Value pair, if required.
      • Further label pairs can be added by clicking the + icon, positioned to the right of the last Key and Value pair in the list.
      • To delete a label pair, click the Bin icon, positioned to the right of the appropriate pair.
    9. When finished, click Next.
    10. Under Link tracking, if any are found in the HTML, select Track all, an appropriate selection or none, as required.
    11. Under Test list, do one of the following to add a test delivery:
      1. Under Choose your test list, click the downwards pointing arrow to the right of the box, and select the appropriate list.
      2. Under Or write your own, manually enter your own test list.
        If you enter your own test list, the recipients must already be in the relevant database.
    12. When you have finished defining your test delivery, click Send test.
      The test delivery is sent to the appropriate recipients.
  2. Click Apply to finish defining your campaign.
  3. Click Save as draft.
    You are returned to the My plans page and the draft plan is added to the list.



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