Managing Do Not Disturb policy settings

A Do Not Disturb (DND) policy is defined by creating one or more quantity and time-based delivery rules, which are applied to the contacts in the relevant segment when a plan is run. For example, allow a maximum of one delivery each day and up to five deliveries in a week.

See Managing segments and Managing plans for more about segments and plans.

Global DND policies

A global DND policy is one that is applied to all of the plans in all of your available databases. This means, for example, that if a potential contact appears in more than one database, a global DND policy that is set for one message per day, will be applied to all instances of that contact, in all databases. The global policy will also override a DND policy that is set for an individual database, which perhaps allows three messages per day.

If a DND policy is not set as global, it is only applied to the plans in the current database.

Using the DND policy section

This section of the guide contains all of the information that you need to be able to create, manage, change or delete DND policies. It includes the following topics:



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