UI icons

The UI views and management pages include the following icons:

 Page Icon Description
 UI compact view
Compact View Management page icon.
Click to access Plans, Segments, Reports and Settings pages.
Edit Edit icon.
Click to edit.
Delete Delete icon.
Click to delete.
Absolute or Relative Date Absolute or relative date icon.
Click to change between an absolute calendar-based date and a relative date.
Plans Calendar Plans calendar icon.
Click to change to Calendar view.
Plans List Plans list icon.
Click to change to List view.
Start Plan button.
Click to start a recurring plan.
Stop Plan button.
Click to stop a recurring plan.
Contacts Reload Show total contacts icon.
Click to display the total.
Show author icon.
Blue if you are the author, black if someone else is.
Hover your mouse over the icon to display the author name.
Segments Cards Segments cards view icon.
Click to change to Cards view.
Segments List Segments list icon.
Click to change to List view.
Contacts Reload Reload icon.
Click to reload the appropriate field, such as the number of contacts.
Clone Segment Clone segment icon.
Click to clone the segment.
 Segment summary
Correlate events Correlate events icon.
Click to correlate the preceding and following rule.
Unlink events Unlink events icon.
Click to remove correlation between two rules.
Analytics Analytics icon.
Click to display the segment dashboard.
Download List Download list icon.
Click to download the contact list in *.CSV format.
Selected Favorite Selected favorite icon.
Selected as favorite. Click to deselect.
Not a Favorite Not selected as favorite icon.
Click to select as favorite.



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