Free text

Free text input fields are used for all attributes that have several thousand different values stored in the database. Attributes such as First name or Last name are typical examples of this type of input field.


The UI displays an editable text box containing the words Type here. Any required characters can be typed in the free text box, which are then used as the value for the condition. For example, for a First name attribute, type John to identify all contacts with that name.

Only one value can be entered at a time, in this type of input field.

If you need to define multiple values for an attribute with a free text input field, do the following:

  1. Select the required attribute again from the list in the Add condition panel.
    A new condition for the appropriate attribute displays.
  2. Type the additional value for the attribute in the new free text box.
  3. Under Match, select ALL or ANY as required.
    See Combining conditions within a rule for more details.

Editable text boxes may be case-sensitive, depending upon the configuration settings that have been applied to your system.



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