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Engagement Intelligence with a Human Touch

Contactlab Marketing Cloud provides a powerful and very capable platform that helps you tangibly enhance your customer interactions, increase their value significantly, and successfully influence purchases again and again. It supports you through every stage of the customer life cycle, helping you convert contacts into valuable customers, boost loyalty, and develop long term relationships while reducing churn.

Spend the next couple of minutes watching the demo video and start to get a taste for how much we can do together…

Then contact our Customer Care for the complete picture.




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Create automations that directly augment contact properties with valuable information

A new Flow version that brings additional features to the module is available from April 29th, 2019.

What does this release help you do?

The new Tag action step lets you add information to a customer property, or replace the current value with one that you define.


  1. In a similar way to other Action steps, click ACTION in the Steps selection panel, then select Tag as the Type from the drop-down list.

  1. Enter a Description, if required, then under Tag fields:
    1. Click Add rule and select the appropriate property from the drop-down list.
      The options that are available in the next step vary according to the property you select.
    2. Select the required action, such as:
      1. Concatenate with the value.
        Combines the value you define with the existing information.
      2. Replace with the value.
        Replaces the existing information with the value you define.
      3. Append the value.
        Adds the value you define to the end of the existing information.
    3. Under Insert text…, enter the appropriate value.
    4. Add further rules, if required.

Take a look at this short video for more details.



What does this mean?

This new functionality is particularly useful when you want to add easily recoverable information to a customer’s records, increase a counter, or replace existing data.


See the Flow Guide for more details or, if you have any questions, contact our Customer Service.

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Quickly select events and rule conditions in your automations

A new Flow version is available from April 12th, 2019, and it includes some new features that enhance the module.

What does this release enable you to do?

You can quickly select the required event or rule condition as you create automation steps.

When you configure a real-time source, or select an event or rule condition elsewhere in Flow, you can choose the event from a drop-down list. But now, you can locate the required entry far more quickly and easily, using the auto-select functionality.


  1. Navigate to the appropriate Flow page.
    For example, Real-time source.
  2. Under Event, Event rules or Demographic rules, start to type part of the name of the required selection.
    It doesn’t have to be the beginning of the name, you can type any letters that it includes, as long as they are in sequence.
    When you type, the content of the drop-down list changes to match what you have entered, as you can see in this short video.
    The event, rule conditions and similar fields are not case sensitive.


  1. Select the required entry from the list.

What does this mean?

This new functionality is particularly useful when there is a long list of events or rule conditions.


See the Flow Guide for more details or, if you have any questions, contact our Customer Service.

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Which plan helped influence sales the most? Compare them and discover the best one

Are your contacts more attracted by an adventure weekend, or by realizing their dream of traveling round the world?
Which of two newsletters has influenced your sales the most?

You decide to dedicate two of your monthly newsletters to different types of travel. The first promotes all-inclusive adventure weekend packages, while the second focuses on a journey that dreams are made of… the trip most people wait a lifetime for. But which captured your contacts attention the most, and had the greatest impact on travel sales?

With Plan’s new dashboard, you can readily find out which activity has been more successful. You can also discover, for example, whether the most popular product following the plan’s delivery, is one suggested by the newsletter, or whether the five best selling items include any surprises.

Plan lets you compare the results of your deliveries in just a few clicks, and determine the influence your scheduling has on product sales, by displaying the facts side-by-side.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign in to the platform and select Contactplan.
  2. Click Dashboard in the Control bar, then the Influenced purchases tab on the My dashboards page.
  3. In the top panel, select an appropriate Plan and set the Time frame.
    After a short pause, the total number of people contacted, the number of influenced customers, and the total influenced revenue are displayed. The subsequent charts show, for example, the revenue distribution over the chosen time frame and the top five products that have been bought.
    If more than one delivery is associated with the relevant plan, you can select the appropriate one to display, using the field beneath the plan name. If no data is available for the relevant time frame, a warning displays.

Example of the top panel of the Influenced purchases tab

  1. Now select the second plan and set the appropriate time frame.
    The results of both campaigns display next to each other, allowing you to readily compare results.

Example of the Influenced purchases tab with two plans compared

  1. Once you’ve, for example, identified the most effective of two plans, you can then compare it with another, simply by closing the one you no longer require (click the ‘X’ icon next to its name in the top panel) and selecting a new one, with the appropriate time frame.
    To retain optimum system responsiveness, you can only have two plans open at the same time.

Comparing two or more plans is that easy. Take a look at the step-by-step video for more details.

For more information, see the Contactplan Guide or contact our Customer Care.

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Differentiate your contacts’ journeys when important data is added to their profile

Imagine you want to enhance the data in your customer profiles, and ensure you have each contact’s date of birth and city of residence available, ready for tailored campaigns based on the use of that information.

Watch the following video and discover how new features in the latest release of Flow can help you differentiate paths and steer contacts towards the goal… to improve the data in their profiles.
This short video shows how to configure such an automation in easy to follow steps.



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Do your communications affect your customers’ purchases? Plan release v. 1.17.7

A new version of Contactplan is available from February 28th, 2019.
The release is planned between 2:15 pm and 3:15 pm CET.


What does this release enable you to do?

You can access a new Influenced purchases dashboard, which helps you better understand whether your plans affect your customers’ purchases, and to compare the results of two different plans.


Dashboard Plan


For each individual plan, or while comparing two, you can see:

  • The number of customers contacted through the plan.
  • The number  of customers that opened your message in the defined time frame and bought at least one product.
  • The total number of influenced purchases.
  • A graph that shows the distribution of purchases during the defined time frame.
  • The top five products that have been purchased during the defined time frame.


The new Plan dashboard enables you to understand the returns that you realize from your plans.
See the Changelog for more details, or contact our Customer Service.







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UCS-2 characters available for your SMS deliveries – Send release v.6.6.2

The new Contactsend version is available from February 27th, 2019, and it includes some new features that enhance the module.
The release is planned between 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm CET.


What does this release enable you to do?

You can compose SMS messages using a larger character set and communicate with your contacts in many more modern languages, ​​including Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and similar.

You can rely on the UCS-2 encoding standard, defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in ISO 10646.

A message with UCS-2 encoding can have a maximum of 70 characters in an individual SMS, or up to 67 in each part of a chained one.


How can you see if you are using UCS-2 characters?









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Email Designer in action

Email Designer is the new editor that, thanks to its intuitive interface, the drag & drop functionality and many other features, makes it fast and easy to create beautiful, personalized and responsive design compliant emails.

Watch this video to view Email Designer in action! There’s a lot more to see, but for now you can start learning how to edit a template, change images and text, and position new content blocks as required. If you make any mistakes, you can easily correct them using the undo button. You can also preview your message at any time, to see it as it would be displayed on a desktop or a mobile screen.

Ask for Email Designer to be activated on your company account and try it out for yourself.



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Design multipath journeys with Flow, for outstanding customer experience personalization

The year is coming to an end, but the Contactlab news keeps on coming! Today, we present two new Flow features, which will enable you to design and execute Customer Journeys that are even closer to your needs, and your customers’ expectations.

1. The CHECK step now extends to all Hub events

Why only automate customer journeys based on whether they open an email or click a link? With Flow, you can now use any Hub-based event to trigger the next step, as soon as it is added to a contact’s individual profile. It may result in sending an email or a text message, or perhaps activating a webhook to start, for instance, a push notification, or to communicate with an external app.


You can decide, for example, to send an email to a customer who has visited a page on your web site, or someone who added a product to their cart, but did not complete the order. You can even send a request to your warehouse to process the order, as soon as the purchase is concluded.

But that is not all that is new…

2. Create MULTIPATH journeys

When a particular event takes place, Flow now enables you to differentiate the paths a contact can follow, and the subsequent communications they will receive, based on pre-set conditions. 

But just what does that mean in practice? Imagine that customers who have been included in a journey because they satisfy the entry condition, now complete purchases on your e-commerce site. You can, for instance, decide to split the communication channels and the message content you send them, according to the product they purchased. For example, you can send a special offer e-mail when contacts buy product A, a reminder SMS for product B, and a push notification – by activating a webhook – for product C, and so on. And of course, you can still send a completely different message to contacts who do not complete a purchase at all.


After your contacts carry out defined activities, decide if, how and when to respond to them, with the most appropriate communications. Create diverse channels and messages within the same journey, while being confident that from today, you can define more than just two paths… enough, in fact, to effectively create differentiated journeys and truly personalized experiences.


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Analytics arrives and your data takes shape

Why analyze data? Because analysis often answers questions not yet asked … and in a world where shoppers are becoming increasingly demanding and looking for unique customer experiences, this is becoming a key success factor for brands.

Assessing data thoroughly enables you to extract hidden value, while truly understanding it reveals results. But above all, it provides key indicators for the future. A future where every day, data will become more and more important for a company. Being able to query it in a structured and speedy way, allowing the data to be readily understood and transformed into actions… activating marketing campaigns as a result, and making effective business decisions across the board.

And it is precisely in this direction that Contactlab has moved in recent months. Now, today, we are making a new platform module available – presenting the latest big news for 2018: Analytics.

Analytics is the Contactlab Marketing Cloud module that allows you to access all data, to explore and use it effectively, while receiving accurate visual representations of vital information in near real-time… enabling you to decide and influence the future of your business in a highly informed way. With Analytics, you can get structured data in pre-configured business views, then examine it with the visualization tool that is closest to your needs.

The data you collect every day has immense value. It tells many stories and allows you to envisage a path for the future. But people require easy, fast access to data, in just the way they need. Data tells us things that are not always easy to see. But now, thanks to Analytics, you can get deep inside the data, to understand it better and use it immediately.

Analytics in action

What kind of data do we mean? With Analytics, you can access all the data you collect during your daily activity, through every communication channel and each contact occasion. Every interaction enables you to learn something more about your customers:

  • Online, on the web, through social media or mobile apps.
  • But don’t forget, for example, in-store visits or phone conversations with Customer Service.

Today, the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform enables you to get to know your contacts even better, by creating unique profiles in which you collect and integrate all the available information… individual customer views that you can enrich with KPIs and forecasts of their behavior. Analytics adds to all this – it gives you access to the vast amounts of data you’ll encounter and allows you to browse and translate it into easily understandable visuals, which are intuitive and quick to read.



What could be worse than not being able to collect customer data? Almost certainly, not being able to analyze and understand it, quickly and easily.

Benefits of adopting Analytics

To briefly summarize the new platform module, you could say that ‘Analytics provides all the data in a structured way, to be able to query it independently, and obtain clear, quick and actionable results, in one place’. That is the new module functionality in a nutshell.

Access all data from a single point.
The whole story of every contact, which can be queried with just a few clicks: Facts, purchase preferences, digital and non-digital habits, KPIs and predictive analysis of behaviors, readily available in profiles that are enriched by processing all the acquired information.

From macro to micro queries.
View the aggregated data, or drill down until you reach the finest details.

Many systems combined in a single visualization tool.
Choose the tool that best suits your needs. Browse and explore the data and discover the relationships that exist: For example, from stock to context data, to sales results analysis.

Guided, simple and fast navigation with the support of blueprints for static and dynamic visualizations.
You can go straight to the heart of the data you need. With the wide range of blueprints that Contactlab provides, you can immediately start browsing to get the answers you are looking for, without investing additional time in creating dashboards and reports.

With Analytics, you make easy to understand data available to anyone who needs it. And understanding data better means more knowledge, increased loyalty, more conversions and enhanced results.

For more details, call Customer Service or get in touch with your usual contact at Contactlab. Better still, request a demo and discover the enormous potential that the platform offers to your business.

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