Marketing Automation and new Intelligence increase the value of the Contactlab cloud platform

Enrich your contact profiles with new information and create automated journeys: request a demo of Contactflow and Contactdata immediately.


Ensuring that customers have enjoyable and unforgettable experiences, is the goal of every brand. But to do so, it is vital that you not only talk with the appropriate audience, you also need to do it at just the right time and in the most effective way.

The route you need to take means getting to know your contacts better, discovering new characteristics and applying predictive analytics to develop a deeper understanding… knowledge you can then use to surprise your audiences with messages that correspond precisely with their needs at the time.

To build lasting personal relationships with your contacts, you need to create customized communication programs that aim to enhance their loyalty and encourage them to choose your brand once again.


What’s new

Contactlab is there to accompany you, by making our expertise, professionalism and passion readily available. Now, the Engagement Marketing cloud platform has been enriched with two new modules, Contactflow and Contactdata, to help you enhance your contact life cycle at every stage, transforming them into customers and reducing drop-out rates.

Contactflow provides new marketing automation functionality, enabling you to easily create automated journeys that are built on the preferences and actions of every individual contact. Contactdata provides access to new intelligence, allowing you to elaborate on all the available data and know your contacts even better, while predicting their potential and anticipating their behavior.



By following the digital and non-digital behavior of every single contact, you can automatically insert them into journeys with multichannel communication paths. Paths that are customized according to the actions done, with rules defined in advance by the brand. Contactflow enables you to create automatic communication deliveries through a customer’s preferred channel every time they carry out an action, or whenever it is most appropriate.

To maximize marketing automation capabilities, your customer knowledge needs to be as extensive as possible. Predicting customer actions and creating journeys that guide them to your brand, are just some of the added value features the platform brings to you today, with Contactdata.



Thanks to algorithms and predictive models that elaborate on all the data you collect about contact behavior and habits, you can extract new, previously hard to access information and automatically create clusters to enrich each profile, anticipating the potential of every individual customer.

With these two new modules, Contactlab renews its commitment to Customer Engagement, elevating it to Engagement Intelligence. We provide you with the best tools to understand and analyze your contacts and their journeys, enabling you to carry out marketing activities that are firmly focused on ensuring a beneficial customer experience.

To find out more, read Contactflow and Contactdata guide or contact our Customer Care.