Welcome Email Designer: Building emails in the platform has never been so easy

A new email content editor will be added to the Contactlab Marketing Cloud soon, enriching its already impressive capabilities even further.
Email Designer is our Christmas Gift to you all, with two main goals:

  • To make your already straightforward editing experience even easier.
  • To further enhance the significant levels of control and flexibility that you currently enjoy, when creating and managing email content.


Simply an easier editing experience


A modern and advanced UI enables you to quickly and effectively compose the message body, by dragging & dropping components from the sidebar. Need to edit an element or alter its settings? Just click it and make your changes in situ. You can also upload images and insert them in your content, or choose the ones you need from a free gallery. You can even use an integrated tool for basic image editing.

Personalizing your message with dynamic placeholders is also simplicity itself… Open Email Designer directly from the campaign creation wizard, then select the appropriate one from a drop-down menu.


More power, more control

When you access Email Designer for the first time, you’ll find a set of free-to-use templates that are ready to be edited and sent on their way. They cover several common use cases such as Happy Birthday messages, season’s greetings, welcome and thank you emails, order confirmation communications, special offers and save the date teasers.

Need more? You can easily request additional templates from us, based on your specific requirements. Alternatively, you can also create your own templates from scratch and save them for future use.

But what if you make a mistake while creating your message? No worries… you can always use the undo/redo button, or even go back through the timeline of your recent changes and restore a previous version.

Eager to try out Email Designer?
See the relevant section of the Send Guide for more about Email Designer.