Do your communications affect your customers’ purchases? Plan release v. 1.17.7

A new version of Contactplan is available from February 28th, 2019.
The release is planned between 2:15 pm and 3:15 pm CET.


What does this release enable you to do?

You can access a new Influenced purchases dashboard, which helps you better understand whether your plans affect your customers’ purchases, and to compare the results of two different plans.


Dashboard Plan


For each individual plan, or while comparing two, you can see:

  • The number of customers contacted through the plan.
  • The number  of customers that opened your message in the defined time frame and bought at least one product.
  • The total number of influenced purchases.
  • A graph that shows the distribution of purchases during the defined time frame.
  • The top five products that have been purchased during the defined time frame.


The new Plan dashboard enables you to understand the returns that you realize from your plans.
See the Changelog for more details, or contact our Customer Service.