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At Contactlab, the new star shines on and on… Platform innovations in the first six months of 2019


2019 has continued where 2018 left off, with Contactlab’s new and innovative Marketing Cloud. Now, we can say that without doubt, the highlight of the first half of this year has been the release of several new, powerful and feature-rich enhancements. ...

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Compare and collate data, don’t just read it. You’ll see unexpected results!


Don’t miss this opportunity to effectively organize, compare and collate the mountains of customer data you collect. Equip yourself with the tools that are capable of exploring your data, visualizing its true meaning and letting you get to know your contacts better, while building long lasting and successful relationships. ...

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What’s next: A re-energized interface, purpose-designed to enhance user experience


To ensure that we stay one step ahead of your future needs, the Contactlab Marketing Cloud will soon be available through a new user interface. A tailor-made workplace that both complements the integration of a wealth of features and enables you to move from one module to another while using the same view. ...


Contactlab’s Top 10 Product Developments of 2018


2018 was an important year for Contactlab’s customer engagement platform. Here, we’ve tried to select 10 news articles that recall a year of compelling releases and considerable excitement, although they are not necessarily shown in order of importance. ...


[WEBINAR] Discover the real meaning of your data with Analytics


The future of brands is increasingly dependent on the data you collect every day, and on the valuable information it provides about your contacts and your activities, marketing or otherwise. Subscribe to our webinar to find out how Analytics enables you to explore your data in a structured and speedy way, establish interrelationships between each point, as well as with information from external systems, and offers you the opportunity to understand the resulting analysis better and make it quickly actionable. ...

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Analytics arrives and your data takes shape


Today, Contactlab announces Analytics, the new platform module and the latest great news of 2018. More and more each day, the future of companies resides in data. Being able to query it in a structured and speedy way, while allowing the data to be readily understood and transformed into actions, is becoming a key success factor for brands, especially in a world where shoppers are becoming increasingly demanding and looking for unique customer experiences. ...