Contactflow enables you to:

  • Automate email and SMS deliveries, by applying the appropriate ‘Actions’ and other steps.
    Planned future releases will add other messaging activities.
    You can, for example:

    • Send multiple emails and/or SMS deliveries to the same contacts, with the appropriate delay in-between.
    • Send an email and/or SMS immediately.
    • Delay an email and/or SMS delivery.
  • Automatically send webhook notifications to external systems, when a specific event takes place.
  • View reports about each configured automation.
  • Search for contacts and remove them from automations.
    You need the appropriate Admin. permissions to use this functionality.

Using this guide

These pages provide information about the following:

All descriptions in this guide assume that you are using the UI in the normal view, not the compact view. In the normal view, the relevant page is displayed as it is generally intended to be used, with all controls and tabs readily available. The compact view displays when the browser window is not wide enough to allow the standard layout to be shown.

To access Flow, sign in to your account and select Contactflow in the dashboard, or see Getting started, navigating the UI and signing out for more details.

Documentation updates

This online UI Guide is always the most up-to-date version. If you have any questions about this document or Contactflow, please get in touch with your usual contact at Contactlab, such as your project manager, account manager or Contactlab customer care.

Further documentation

You may find the following documentation useful when working with Contactflow:

  • The Contactplan User Guide.
  • The Contactplan Product Overview.

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