Discover contact behavior over time in Plan

The platform has been enhanced with a new feature: By querying the data available in Plan, you can discover the behavior of your contacts in the time frame that interests you most. You can search for information:

  • Within a time and date range.
  • From a selected point until today.
    For example, during the last month, in the last two years and so on.
  • From the date when the contact appeared in Plan.
    Contacts in your database may not necessarily be available in Plan. For example, those in a suppression list may be excluded, or basic filters may be set.

Query your data and get snapshots that provide compelling information about your contacts’ actions:

  • For your entire database.
  • For a particular segment that you want to understand better.

And do it for the time period you require.

Discover all your contacts’ behavior

Know a particular segment better

Collect and integrate information about your contacts from multiple sources, then analyze it to define dedicated engagement campaigns and make data-supported business decisions.

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