What’s next: A re-energized interface, purpose-designed to enhance user experience

To ensure that we stay one step ahead of your future needs, the Contactlab Marketing Cloud will soon be available through a new user interface. A tailor-made workplace, which both complements the integration of a wealth of features and enables you to move from one module to another while using the same view.



The usability interface

Our UXD and front-end teams have been busy during the last few months, developing a common interface that lets you navigate the various platform elements with just a simple click in the sidebar menu. Now, we are ready to provide you with a new experience that truly makes a difference in day-to-day use.

With a fresh, modern design, the immediate benefits are clear – browsing and using the platform is easier, faster and more intuitive, while improved access to the various modules increases productivity and saves you time.


The company that follows the user

You can easily jump from one module to another while continuing to use the same company and even the same node! The current node does not change when you move within the platform, and the UI continues to provide contextual information that is based on the user’s role.




CMC collpaseOptimized for use on tablets

The new UI ensures its components can dynamically adapt to different formats – making it easier to manage campaigns, communicate with customers and further cultivate successful relationships, even on the move.




WidgetAn environment dedicated to you, the user

The interface represents a single point of reference for browsing within the platform, searching for specific tools and resources, using the Contactlab Marketing Cloud and for managing your account. Each user can access exactly what they need – modules, resources, services and self-service tools –  enabling everyone to easily and successfully carry out their activities.




A guided journey through the cloud

Your journey through the platform becomes simple, easy and fun, thanks to the supporting images, themed illustrations and targeted messages. All this, purpose-designed to let you know exactly what is happening, always, and better manage your Contactlab Marketing Cloud experience.



In just a few more days, you too can discover the new interface and test our new world for yourself – live.